Cheese-tastic movies


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Look how happy the Cheese Dude is. Is he not convincing you?

If you remember correctly, I’m all about watching Hallmark movies during Christmas (or in general, really) because some are genuinely good, and some are hilariously cheesy that it lightens your day.

So here are a few that I highly recommend, high on the cheese factor but sometimes you just need something so ridiculously corny to take your mind off your day. The titles are all linked to YouTube trailers.

The Christmas Detour (not a YouTube link because somehow that one isn’t available)
The cheesiest movie I have ever watched. I think most Christmas/romcom tropes are in this. If you’re into drinking games (which I’m not, but hey, do this with water and you’ll be super hydrated), this is one you can do it with. Every time there’s a trope, take a shot of water/alcoholic beverage/non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. I like Candace Cameron Bure, and the male lead and her had great chemistry. But this movie was so trope-y I basically ranted on Snapchat about it. Cheesiest movie on this list.

The Nine Lives of Christmas
I’m going to admit that this one wasn’t so bad. It was quite cheesy (but nothing beats no 1) but the actors did it well, so I actually liked it. It’s about cats and Christmas, he’s a fireman etc etc. I didn’t mind it, and of everything on this list, I recommend this the most.

12 Gifts of Christmas
I watched this because it came out this year, and Katrina Law is in it. She plays Nyssa on ‘Arrow’ and I like her in that. Here she plays an artist who has a knack for shopping who gets hired to be a personal shopper for some rich guy. Something something Christmas and it’s a cheesy combination. Just the reasonable amount of conflict with a simple resolution. Not that cheesy, but you’ll see the cliches a mile away.

A Princess for Christmas
THIS MOVIE. THIS FREAKING MOVIE. It’s always on TV, and called Christmas at Castlebury Hall, for some reason. If you’ve watched Merlin, you’d recognise the lead as Morgana. If you’ve watched Outlander, the male love interest in this is Jamie Fraser. And if you’ve watched any old Bond movies, the grandpa is Roger Moore. I don’t LOVE this, but I did watch it because I liked Katie McGrath in Merlin. She isn’t fantastic in this, but the whole premise is over the top. Sam Heughan is good though, and my dad would say the little girl is a ‘talented actress’. This movie will definitely have you cringing at parts. So cheesy guys, so very cheesy.

Christmas under Wraps
Candace Cameron Bure does a lot of Hallmark shows, guys. She has to be on this list twice. This movie is about a ‘big city doctor’ who moves to a tiny town, with a massive love for Christmas. The ending is pretty ‘what??’ but not a bad one.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
This movie is one of the older ones on this list. Single mother meets this guy that her uncle technically sets her up with. She’s uptight, he’s the ‘choice she never saw coming’. (hahahah, I am cackling while writing this). Guys, I said cheesy right? Here you go.

A Royal Christmas
Remember Gretchen from Mean Girls? so that actress has been in a lot of Hallmark movies and this is one of the newer ones. She plays this girl who gets engaged to a prince, but naturally, she didn’t know! So in true cheesy movie fashion, she has to learn how to be a princess and deal with a overbearing future mother-in-law, while at the same time “learn to be true to herself”. hahahhaha.

I cannot think of anymore. If you want links for any of those, I recommend trying to see if it’s on YouTube first because a lot of them are. But if you can’t find it, I’m happy to provide. 😂


I hope you’re having a good week so far. x


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