Weekly Roundup #3

Hello my darlings!

I wish I could have written this last week. Unfortunately, the moment I sat down to do it, I ended up being caught up in the bathroom because I was bent over puking my guts out. Or having diarrhoea. It’s not a pretty sight.  I was really sick that I ended up missing ward rounds. I never do that. It has been a pretty crap (mind the pun) week. I ended up throwing up everything I ate (or it came out through the other side) for the past few days. Today has been a pretty miraculous day because neither of that has happened so far.

I probably got salmonella poisoning or something.


Anyway, last week was pretty tiring. I had my presentation for Research Week and frankly, that could have gone better. To begin with, my research project is a pretty ‘sensitive’ title (I can’t mention it here, in case this comes back to bite me in the butt, or Google Search catches up with me). And when I got asked questions, it wasn’t great. But WHATEVER. I didn’t want to win because frankly, there were better studies.

But that same research ate up two nights of this week which was sucky. A few hours each night, slaving away trying to rectify complaints the ethics board placed at our door. I resent this study so much right now. This was me most of the time:

Believe me people, never jump into a research unless you TRULY FREAKING CARE about it. Don’t jump into it just because it’ll look pretty on a CV. It’s not worth it. Honestly.

In better news, I got my package from Fox&Star. It’s my present to myself for my birthday: Washi tape, stickers and a 6 month planner. I have not started using it yet because this week has been me being mostly dead and dehydrated, but I shall keep you updated when I do. It’s too pretty to resist.

4 3 1 planner

I am back for the weekend, a good 3 days because Monday is National Day here in Malaysia. I look forward to my time at home with my family and my dogs (DOGS ARE THE BEST OKAY). I’m also very excited to sleep in. Sleeping in is good.

I hope you all have a great weekend. xx

Weekly Roundup #2


Overall, this past week hasn’t been a ‘good’ one for me. I’ve been having a rough time. But I will not bore you with my tales of woe. Let’s talk about something else:

My parents and brother came down and spent Saturday and part of Sunday with me, which was good. I had been looking forward to that visit since I came back. It’s nice to have an ‘imagined’ time away with family when you’ve just gone through a pretty tough time. I will always be grateful for them taking time out to drive down and ‘hang-out’. It’s such a comforting feeling having your main source of support there.

It was my birthday on Saturday (23!) and I received Lydia’s card and present just in time. This little magnet (it’s a map of North America because that’s where she’s from) is adorable and thoughtful, I’m definitely putting it on my magnetic board when I go home at the end of the month. The card is delightful. I am not one to tell my parents what to get for me for my birthday (I do know people who do that, and while that’s perfectly sound, I didn’t actually ‘need’ anything), but they got me Bose headphones which are excellent. Plus, they have a wireless option, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping the cord out of my laptop.

magnet PB bose

I won’t lie, last night was particularly tearful for me. I just felt the whole weight of this coming week on my shoulders and I started sobbing on Facetime with my parents. It was one of those terrible ‘heaving-cannot-talk-really-losing-it’ type of moments that just worried them. I wish I had better control over my emotions. I just needed to completely collapse under the weight of the situation, before I could get up again.

I just need to be psych myself up and ‘stabilize’ my mood. I will be okay. I can handle this.

insert “Michael Scott screams NO” gif here

yeah, this one:

My Wifi died.

My watch died.

My fan died.

And I have a really, really, really long day tomorrow.

This has been a trying time. And I had no idea how reliant I was on technology until that very moment. I had a rough day to begin with, and then everything went wrong at the same time.

I hate that I have to rely on the Internet to amuse myself, or to do my work. I really require a fan to survive the heat (plus, there was terrible air pollution that has seeped into my room! Ventilation is sorely needed). I need a watch on a daily basis because it’s part of my daily ‘gear’. The whole situation just made me want to collapse on the floor and cry.

I did half of that. I laid on the ground for a few minutes, just staring at the ceiling while iTunes played random songs, and contemplated how shitty the past 12 hours had been.

This was completely unneeded.

No one needed a crappy day.

I know I didn’t.

chris traeger

But such is life, no?

What else is there to do then to get up, and try to work it out?

I have ordered a brand new fan online (thank goodness for a data plan, because I would be dead without it) which will hopefully arrive in the next few days. The one I have right now has been giving me grief for the six months. I am done with it.

My watch will have to wait till my parents come over this weekend. The stupid Wifi will be dealt with by the technicians tomorrow. Or we can just wait and be very patient.

Breathe in. Breathe out.



Weekly Roundup #1

Hello lovelies.

As promised earlier this week, I’ll be doing weekly roundups, a way to mention the highlights of the past 6/7 days, without the pressure of making sure it has pictures or a certain number of points. I’m going to do my best to commit to doing these until the end of year, at the very least.

So, how has this week been? The highlight was today: I got to assist on my first surgery! It was an Emergency Lower Segment Caesarean Section due to foetal distress, and I got to be the second assistant. There ended up being some complications with the baby, so I had to be first assistant for the closing up. It was a great experience. The registrar was pretty nice; I was on-call today and I needed to see one more C-section to get it signed off in my logbook so I decided to go for the first one for the day, with my colleague. We ended up staying for five in total, and we both got to assist in one each. It was pretty nice. The registrar told us that we could, after the second surgery, so we decided to skip lunch (and I skipped breakfast already, so I have not eaten all day) and stay for another three.

It’s not a huge deal, and the surgery itself wasn’t too long. But, my first surgery! I didn’t expect to get to assist while we were medical students, but we did. I am truly grateful. 🙌

The rest of the week has been so-so. Today was my second on-call this week, and I am glad I got the ‘two in a week’ on-calls over and done with. I just want to sleep in right now but no such luck, of course. There’s always more to do, for some reason.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week ahead. x

three weeks in review

I think I should return to weekly blogging, despite feeling like I have no time for it. While I am quite occupied, I find myself being able to keep up with certain shows and taking long naps. If I can do that, I can blog. Blogging is fun, so why not?

It has been almost three weeks since my last post. Nothing much has happened in that time, the only ‘major’ event being my haircut, which I got last weekend. It’s very short actually, shorter than my last. I think shorter hairstyles work better for me. It’s less fuss and I feel like my hair is healthier that way. Right now, it’s more similar to a 1920’s ‘flapper’ style, coming right under my ears. It shall soon grow out but I find that I am more inclined to maintaining it at this length, more or less.

O&G is terrible. Well, that’s perhaps too harsh. What I strongly dislike it how tiring it is. You wake up very early, go for rounds, go for classes, prepare for other things. Then tutors can get pretty harsh, with one making me cry two weeks ago (That was just a terrible time for me. I ended up hiding in a stairwell and sobbing after that clinic session. I am honestly a little traumatised that I actually avoid this particular doctor now). Needless to say, I will never consider this as a speciality in the future. There is nothing that appeals to me in O&G. While I agree that ‘the gift of life’ is amazing and seeing happy mothers is nice, I do not have the mental, emotional, and physical endurance to handle this on a regular basis. I cannot wait for it to end.

Anyway, I hope to resume writing here again, on the weekends as a ‘weekly roundup’ sort of thing. I hope you’re all doing well! x

and here’s what’s been going on

I think I owe you an explanation.

I realise that this blog has gone dormant for the past two weeks or so, and I feel the need to give a reason for that. I was sure that the last vlog was my penultimate one, and not the final one, but that weekend got away from me with so many things happening at the same time and last minute packing problems. Then, back to JB where my life has been eaten up by Obstetrics and Gynecology.

It’s a tough rotation, people. It’s a lot of work in a logbook that needs to be completed, long, tedious, trying, ‘absolutely straining on your feet’ ward rounds, and generally a lot of facts that need to be studied. I am tired, more so than usual, on the weekdays only to find that some weekends are not mine because we have weekend ‘on-call’ duties in the labour room from 9am to 5pm. Have I mentioned that there is no sitting in O&G? It’s a lot of standing around, staying out of the way but at the same time, circling like vultures because we all need to do vaginal examinations, deliveries, pap smears, and a whole lot of other procedures.

It’s all opportunistic, the survival of the cunning.

So, yes, between all of that, I am not capable of churning out anything for the blog. I am attempting to be ‘more hardworking’ this time round, so effective note taking is a thing, rewriting notes is a thing, studying the notes is a thing. I’m just working on being a better student. It’s not easy when you’re used to slacking, then crying before an exam. I discovered that ‘studyblr’s are a thing (basically a Tumblr blog that’s dedicated to ‘studying’) leading my Tumblr dashboard to be filled with pretty stationery, positive sayings, reminders to keep working hard, and excellent tips for being a better student.

I have managed to incorporate studying into my previously ‘fandom-only’ Tumblr experience. I think I deserve some credit for that, haha.

I am back home for a week, odd timing because Hari Raya a.k.a. Eid al-Fitr is this weekend and not last weekend. The rest of the country starts their break from Wednesday or Thursday of this week till the same day next week, but not my uni, we’re ‘ahead’, for some weird reason.

As usual, being back home does not mean I have time to myself. I’m back in charge of whatever household duties (or out-of-house bill payment/bank related nonsense) my parents can’t do due to their work schedule. A holiday isn’t quite holiday for me, which sucks. I am home nonetheless, which is nice. But at the same time, I cannot help but be a little miffed that there’s still work for me here. I wish there wasn’t.

That’s an awfully selfish statement, isn’t it?

I’m a pretty selfish person.

I am back in time to watch all the Comic Con (SDCC, that is) footage that’s been released (be it officially or ‘non-official footage’) which is nice. I think most of the planet is pretty excited by most of the trailers that have been released. Have you seen the X-Men one? 😍

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day/night/whatever time of day it is for you. I hope to be able to blog/vlog sometime this week. x