Soundtrack To My Life

Music should always evoke something in people, be it an emotion, a memory, or inspiration. I love music, much like everyone on this planet.. or at least 80% of the Earth’s inhabitants, animals included. Melody and rhythm combined in a miraculous way can do so much for the human soul.

I thought I’d write a tiny bit about why I chose each song:

Another Day of Sun because it is just a snappy beat with an uplifting tune. I don’t think I know a single person who hates that song.

Breathe because it’s about struggling to please the people who love you when you don’t know who you are, and that’s something I’ve struggled with a lot.

Rest of My Life was featured on Jane the Virgin. I don’t actually think it came out last year but it is not on any of his albums. It’s a beautiful song and if I ever do get married, I want that song.

Downtown was my alarm tone for a very long time because I wanted a song that would make me happy when I opened my eyes. I was playing it on repeat when it first came out, much to the annoyance of my family.

I play OSTs when I go out alone. I’m so used to the length of all the songs that I can estimate time passing by how far along I am in Act 1.

I know Swing Low, Sweet Chariot was written by a slave and maybe it’s not ‘appropriate’ for me to choose that song, but it has such meaningful lyrics about ‘a better place’ and I have heard it at funerals. It’s hopeful and melancholic.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a perfect song. Most people know all the words, or at least some of it. The last time I heard it played before a concert, the whole stadium started jumping and singing along. It was an incredible moment.

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys has that beat that sticks with you. I blame someone’s creativity in creating this Sherlock fanvid years ago for making this song one of my all time favourites.

New York State of Mind is a beautiful, simple melody. It’s not fancy but it holds enough meaning for me.

Glee makes relatively good covers. While the show had its issues, they had solid covers of a number of good songs (the Warblers were way better than New Direction most of the time, and Adam Lambert being on a bunch of songs just elevates them) so I’ll champion that.

As Long As You Love Me was the first Backstreet Boys song I had ever heard. I think I was about 5 or 6 at that point and the MV that went with it is forever etched in my mind. 90’s boybands remind me of being young and watching my friends perform dances along to that music. Good old days.

Butterfly Kisses- I don’t think I need to explain. I cried while making this video because I had to listen to that song. It made me cry when I was 8, it makes me cry now.

I apologise to any Daniel Bedingfield fans but I hate this song. I used to change the channel when it came on.

And the final choice, again, no explanation needed right?

So, if you had to answer the same questions, what would your choices be?


This has been a tag video. I believe the tag itself was created by these two YouTubers and was pretty popular a while back. I needed some inspiration to come up with a video and this seemed like a fun idea. After exporting, I kinda questioned the idea of doubling up on the album covers but oh well, it doesn’t look too crazy.

I missed out on February’s video due to circumstances but here’s the video for March. Will I make another one to make up for February? If inspiration strikes, possibly yes.


Food Metaphor

I do love my metaphors and I do love chocolate. So does Forrest Gump’s mom- and yes I know, the actual quote is “Life WAS like a box of chocolates”, but it makes sense to put it in present tense for my purposes.

Here’s the video of January, the first of the twelve 2017 ones I’m commited to making. I wanted to do a ‘real life’ video where I use actual M&M’s but the shots were quite shaky (don’t have a tripod!) and I couldn’t really get what I wanted smoothly. Also, I ate the M&M’s 🤷‍♀️

So what are the M&M’s suppose to be?

General life plans like getting into college, getting the right grades, getting into the ideal workplace, that sort of thing. Sometimes things go exactly as you planned them and those are great times. Other times, a little diversion is required because of a small hurdle but you get back on the path you chose. And then there are those paths that you have to create as you go along because you find that the original plan fell through completely, or you realised things were not what you expected them to be. Your Blue M&M turned out to be a Red one, and you cannot run from it, you embrace that step because it’s not too bad. It’s all a step forward and that’s always a good thing.

Do you get where I’m coming from?

Life is a like a box of chocolates in the sense that there are different flavours and different fillings. Not all of them are to your liking but they’re wholly bad. You just have to adjust your perspective.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Lunar New Year 🐓🎉



I know I’m pretty early with this one.

The past 12 months have been this whirlwind of emotions and events that I could never have predicted. Case in point: Carrie Fisher died today. George Michael died two days before. What. WHAT.

And while that is true for all years, I feel like 2016 has been the one that’s made me eat humble pie time and time again. I would like to give a metaphorical standing ovation to the year for absolutely breaking me down and forcing me to pick myself up.

If I had to choose a word to cover what this year has been, it would be ‘more’.

I have travelled more.

I have read more.

I have created more.

I have met more people.

I have cried more.

I have laughed more.

I have Gil-more-d (ha.ha.ha)

I have lost more.

and mostly, I have learned more.

(yes, those are all links to relevant posts)

More about myself. More about the people around me. More about life.

This year has somehow eclipsed most others in my life, with incredible moments that have filled this blog over the past 52 weeks. There have been good times and there have been bad, more bad than good in my opinion- but it’s all been lessons for me.

I have never felt as much or learned as much as I have in 2016.


sidenote: the article from JAMA

I am going to assume you watched the video first.

So yes, I took a few days off from most of the Internet. I don’t know how much good it has done me, but it has done some good.

Making the video in itself was therapeutic. It has been a very long time since I picked up colouring pencils and actually used them. Trying to balance my camera to get a flat-lay angle was a big achievement for me. I think I tried to shoot that about five times in total. I can still see what I’d like to change about it but I have other things to do.

But making that felt good though the subject matter  was heavy. The final cut came with an endorphin release that was really needed. I am actually proud of that.


About what I mentioned in the video: I have enrolled in the UC Berkeley online course called The Science of Happiness, which supposedly acts as a form of therapy as well as an education in psychology, which has always been a key interest of mine. I don’t know how kooky it’ll be, but hey, maybe actually learning about being happy will help.

I don’t think anything can truly replace therapy but this is as close to it as I can get for now.

22 days till the end of the year. That’s bonkers isn’t it?



5 YouTube Channels



I spent a whole lotta time on YouTube. I watch YouTube webseries, I follow some vlogs, I watch medical related videos. I don’t post anything myself but it’s a form of TV for me. I thought for this Five Friday, I’d list out five channels that you could possibly be interested in. I believe some of these YouTubers are known worldwide and are huge hits already, but perhaps you have not heard of some of them.

Here we go, in no particular order:

Anna Akana
YouTube, Twitter

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the How to Put On Your Face video. It is probably one of her most famous videos to date but it is one of the many great ones Anna has made. She’s directed, written and starred in some of her own shorts, showing how multitalented she is. Here’s one of my personal favourite videos:

Blimey Cow
YouTube, Twitter

If you don’t know Blimey Cow, you’re probably not on Tumblr that often. Or own an account. Or been on YouTube. Their work is just really popular. Created by 2 brothers (Josh and Jordan), these videos usually go viral really fast. Among their popular uploads are those related to being homeschooled or their parodies of church Youth Groups. Here’s one of the videos that I completely relate to:

The Girls With Glasses
YouTube, Twitter

Summer Bellessa and Brooke White bring you The Girls with Glasses show, a lifestyle-esque channel where they do DIYs, talk about stuff that really matters and go thrift shopping. It’s a neat little channel that’s filled with fun, relatable girl-y stuff. The dynamic between Summer and Brooke reminds me of the good girlfriends I have, which is probably the reason I like their stuff so much. Here’s their theme song video aka the best song ever:

YouTube, Twitter

Taylor is definitely YouTube famous. Her make-up tutorial videos are legendary (and are genuinely good), her artwork is gorgeous and she’s genuinely funny. I’m sure you’ve seen the Thigh Gap video or the Feminist Make-Up tutorial (check those out if you have not). Due to school, she hasn’t been able to post as much but her older videos are still good watches. Here’s my favourite:

The Merry Pedesterian
YouTube, Twitter

Abigail Doris is an artist from Canada and one of the more thoughtful YouTubers I follow. She may not have many followers but her videos are thought provoking and make me want to take up walking. I really like the way she crafts her words in just the right way and accompanies them with serene music, and the beautiful landscape of Canada. I first watched some of her work a while back when one of my Tumblr friends posted one of her videos and I’ve been a fan ever since. I really like this one:

So, there you have it. Five YouTube channels I totally recommend. Hope you check them out. 🙂