Part of my resolutions this year was to do more ‘kind things’ because apparently, doing nice things for other people makes you feel more positive about yourself because you’ve made someone happy. I like making people happy and I am striving to be happier in my daily life. So, here are two things that I did in January to achieve that.

Galentine’s Day stems from the creative geniuses behind Parks and Recreation. It’s a day to celebrate your female friends, commemorated annually on February 13. Last year, I made joke-Vday cards but I decided to make slightly more meaningful ones this year, with backgrounds ripped from my old Lilly Pulitzer planner. While some managed to reach on the day itself, or slightly before, some arrived a day or two later, while a couple did not make it at all 🤷‍♀️; foiled by the postal service.


Another fun project was taking 21 photos from the bottom of the KLCC Twin Towers for the Love Across Distances project. It’s where you help someone take a photo of a sentence, typically ” (insert name of significant other), (person who requested it)’s love for you is so big it has reached (location where you’re taking the photograph).” So a few weeks ago, I dropped by the KL Twin Towers really early took the photos and left in in the span of 15 minutes. Here’s an example of how it turned out:


While both projects were really fun to do in January, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that again in the upcoming years. We’ll have to see. I hope you had a nice Galentine’s +/- Valentine’s Day!



Hello my darlings!

As you may have noticed, I have a fontanelle (‘soft spot’, get it? nah, it’s a bad joke) for using numbers as post titles. It’s a thing for me. There are about 32 days left in the year and frankly, I don’t quite know what I’ll be doing for them.

Aside from diving head first into Gilmore Girls discussions, I have not done much. Last week two friends and I went to the medical council here to register ourselves for our internship next year. It just grounds the whole experience of medical school, you know? Working as an ‘adult’ in 2017.. gosh.

I went to Malacca with my parents just for a really quick food trip last Saturday and I don’t really have anything to say about it. I’m going to add some pictures that I took there for no real reason and absolutely no connection to anything I’m going to write about.




I’m going to plug a few things just because I have not done this in a while:

My Dad Wrote A Porno– Jamie Morton sits down with two of his friends and reads a terrible erotica novel thing his dad self-published and it is hilariously terrible. I recommend you listen to it, if you don’t mind the filth, but please do not put your parents through it, unless they’re incredibly cool about the whole thing- which most parents would not be. It’s funny, I can say that. I listened to a few episodes while I cleared out my room on Sunday.

This Is Us- As you know I’m very partial to Milo Ventimiglia’s face, and he’s in this, so yeah. If you have not heard anything about it, I would say watching it without knowing what it’s about is a good idea. Go in without any expectations. Highly recommend it if you like shows about complex relationships, be it romantic or familial.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them– This is almost an unnecessary plug but I really enjoyed this instalment to the HP franchise. We all kinda know that JK Rowling jumped back in because it churns out money but I am sure that she’s also itching to see if ‘she’s still got it’. I know, I sound like a sceptic, but since the last book, I’ve just been very ‘bleh’ about it all. But this movie has opened a new area and since there are no books, I will not be able to be disappointed in the execution. Also, Eddie Redmayne as Newt is A+.

Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of Closer– Kenton Chen is talented and adorable. That’s all my justification for this plug.

Good Girls Revolt– an Amazon series about women in the workforce in the 70’s, struggling to be recognised for their talents and to be allowed the same job opportunities. I think I like it because it reminds me of Mad Men, in the sense that the characters are messy and make the stupidest decisions that make you want to shake them on occasion.

Have a good week guys!



I went to Sydney last weekend for a four day trip with six other friends. The last time I was there was when I was 16 years old, wrote like this and did Dikir Barat as the part of the Cultural Performance section of World Youth Day.

I didn’t do much proper sight-seeing back then and though some things were a bit of a repeat, it was a whole lot of fun going away from the ward for some time.

We stayed at Maze Backpackers in the ‘Hufflepuff’ section. It wasn’t too bad overall, aside from the damp scent that constantly hung around the rooms. We needed a place to crash and it served its purpose.

The seven of us did all of the classic tourist-y things like going up to Blue Mountain, taking the cable cars, walked across the Harbour Bridge, popped by the Sydney Opera House, got on a few ferries to go to the more popular beaches (though I did not swim because of reasons) and did a ‘pay what you think it merits’ walk-around-the-city tour. Five of us also caught a performance of Aladdin at the Capitol Theatre that was highly entertaining. For some reason, I was the only one who downloaded the Opal app (it’s the public transport card-tracking-system type thing in Sydney) so I ended up navigating all of us everywhere.

Naturally, this trip was not without it’s hiccups. I lost my guest-keycard and my Opal card on the morning of Day 3, probably fell out of my pocket on the way to the bathroom, so I had to get a brand new Opal card, and pay a 20AUD fine for the guest-keycard- such a waste of money. Also, I had to buy a toothbrush and shower gel because I left my toiletries back in Melbourne. C’est la vie, right?

But all in all, it was a good time; costly, yes, but a good time nonetheless.

Bondi Beach


Il Porcellino- you rub it’s nose for luck, which is why that’s the shiniest part of the figurine


Yes, that face is not creepy at all. Our tour guide said that they tore down the old one and gave it a face lift to make it look less menacing (the Luna Park in Melbourne has a creepier face) to increase tourist flow, but that did not work out at all. The place was so quiet that if a clown with an axe stood there, it would not look out of place at all.


I took this when we walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I say across because it costs about 245 AUD to walk ON the bridge. So naturally, we did the cheaper version of it.


Yes, I got on a ferry-type-boat thing. If I stared at the water for a good while and over thought things, it could get to me.


I did not take this picture.


Capitol Theatre has to be the prettiest theatre I’ve been to so far. You should look up the Google Map-type view of the inside.


And I did not take this picture either.


The seven of us and our tour guide up to Blue Mountain. He was a great storyteller. Black and white because the original image was quite pixelated. I also did not that this one, but you knew that already.

By this time next week, I’ll already be at home. I cannot wait.



That has to be my favourite number so far. Heck, each time that number goes down, it’s my favourite. 38 days till I fly home. Somehow that number makes me so pleased. Just five and a half weeks left to go. I am very excited to leave.

A bunch of good friends left this week. We had a farewell dinner on Wednesday night and then a lunch on Thursday. I shall miss a good number of them because they’re the ones I usually hang out with. Sure, there are quite a good number of people left in Australia just waiting for the finish line too, and I will be spending time with them in the weeks to come.

My friend’s boyfriend was around till Saturday, so we did a bit of sight seeing and stopping by all her favourite spots including Adriano Zumbo’s shop in South Yarra and this other fancy dessert shop called Burch and Purchese (B&P). It was quite a rainy Thursday when we went there which was pretty annoying, but spending time with friends for two consecutive days (Thursday and Friday) was an absolute thrill.



I have two things to look forward to this week: And Then There Were Not As Many on Friday, which is a parody of sorts of the famous Agatha Christie book And Then There Were None, and Matilda on Saturday.

I guess more importantly, I am starting my final rotation of Year 5, and final rotation of medical school. I’m moving two floors up to another ward but in the same hospital. I am apprehensive as usual. I hope the new team is nice and that I get along with them well. I’m so used to being with the previous team on the first floor, and having to meet brand new people and try to mash well with them gives me anxiety. Ugh. Oh well. Just 38 days and I am done with this.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a great week ahead. x




Yeah, this is late, but I kinda have an explanation.

So, I fell sick after my pretty fun weekend last week. I went on a train ride aka Puffing Billy with a few friends and up Mount Dandenong for hot chocolate, scones and to catch the sunset. While that Saturday did not start the way I thought it was going to (because I took the wrong bus- Bus Replacing Trains are THE WORST), it ended quite well.


Sunday was pretty much a solo day that didn’t start out well either. I missed mass because I missed the train and so I had a nice breakfast, and tried to go to the Roald Dahl Day thing at Federation Square. Aside from getting a tiny cupcake, there really wasn’t much else to do because the activities were mainly targeted at children, for good reason. Also, I was starting to feel really sick, so I took a long nap in the afternoon.


I woke up on Monday feeling awful, so I didn’t go to work. Today is Day 4/5 of my illness, and I’m thankfully much, much better. I’ll be heading back to the ward tomorrow- I’m pretty sure my cough and flu will be 90% gone by then. I don’t want to infect any of the patients and I was sent home on Wednesday when I did try to go to work.

48 days to go before my flight. I’m pretty glad we’re less than 50 right now. Just 7 weeks or so to go, and I’ll be home. Phew.


I just love seeing that number reduce. This is really the longest time that I’ve been away from home, ever. I still look forward to that flight home.

Last weekend was more enjoyable than I expected it to be. It was pretty fun just spending time with two friends who were also ‘alone’ for the weekend. We went for a walking-the-streets-of-Melbourne-tour of certain art pieces courtesy of BLINDSIDE Gallery. That same evening I watched I AM LEGEND (for the first time, though I knew the plot) hosted by The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. The main reason I attended that was because of the panel after, which was a fun discussion about the potential of zombie apocalypses ,and the scientific accuracies and inaccuracies of the movie.

Sunday was a little quiet with a trip to the Hellenic Museum and then Victoria Market for waffles.


I like weekends with not much pressure. Not everything has to be a massive event that requires 5 or 6-hour drives. I’m grateful for weekends where I can discover a side of this city with people who share the same interests as me.

Just 58 more sleeps and I’ll be back home. 12 week days till I’m done with this rotation. One day at a time.


Mt Baw Baw

Gosh, this post is way overdue. As you already know, the Mt Baw Baw trip was weeks and weeks ago, but here are some of the better photographs taken of the day.


Mini Olafs were too cute I had to take a picture:

I particularly like this one:321


At this point in time I was very dog-deprived that I bothered spending the money to play with the dogs. Totally worth it:6

And photographic evidence that I was there: