Soundtrack To My Life

Music should always evoke something in people, be it an emotion, a memory, or inspiration. I love music, much like everyone on this planet.. or at least 80% of the Earth’s inhabitants, animals included. Melody and rhythm combined in a miraculous way can do so much for the human soul.

I thought I’d write a tiny bit about why I chose each song:

Another Day of Sun because it is just a snappy beat with an uplifting tune. I don’t think I know a single person who hates that song.

Breathe because it’s about struggling to please the people who love you when you don’t know who you are, and that’s something I’ve struggled with a lot.

Rest of My Life was featured on Jane the Virgin. I don’t actually think it came out last year but it is not on any of his albums. It’s a beautiful song and if I ever do get married, I want that song.

Downtown was my alarm tone for a very long time because I wanted a song that would make me happy when I opened my eyes. I was playing it on repeat when it first came out, much to the annoyance of my family.

I play OSTs when I go out alone. I’m so used to the length of all the songs that I can estimate time passing by how far along I am in Act 1.

I know Swing Low, Sweet Chariot was written by a slave and maybe it’s not ‘appropriate’ for me to choose that song, but it has such meaningful lyrics about ‘a better place’ and I have heard it at funerals. It’s hopeful and melancholic.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a perfect song. Most people know all the words, or at least some of it. The last time I heard it played before a concert, the whole stadium started jumping and singing along. It was an incredible moment.

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys has that beat that sticks with you. I blame someone’s creativity in creating this Sherlock fanvid years ago for making this song one of my all time favourites.

New York State of Mind is a beautiful, simple melody. It’s not fancy but it holds enough meaning for me.

Glee makes relatively good covers. While the show had its issues, they had solid covers of a number of good songs (the Warblers were way better than New Direction most of the time, and Adam Lambert being on a bunch of songs just elevates them) so I’ll champion that.

As Long As You Love Me was the first Backstreet Boys song I had ever heard. I think I was about 5 or 6 at that point and the MV that went with it is forever etched in my mind. 90’s boybands remind me of being young and watching my friends perform dances along to that music. Good old days.

Butterfly Kisses- I don’t think I need to explain. I cried while making this video because I had to listen to that song. It made me cry when I was 8, it makes me cry now.

I apologise to any Daniel Bedingfield fans but I hate this song. I used to change the channel when it came on.

And the final choice, again, no explanation needed right?

So, if you had to answer the same questions, what would your choices be?


This has been a tag video. I believe the tag itself was created by these two YouTubers and was pretty popular a while back. I needed some inspiration to come up with a video and this seemed like a fun idea. After exporting, I kinda questioned the idea of doubling up on the album covers but oh well, it doesn’t look too crazy.

I missed out on February’s video due to circumstances but here’s the video for March. Will I make another one to make up for February? If inspiration strikes, possibly yes.


Shut up! Dance it out!

As any regular reader of this blog knows by now, I fall into my dark hole of despair fairly often. And yesterday was no exception. I spent a good 5 hours or so just lying in bed being unproductive and wasting a whole lot of time.

Later in the evening, I was guilted into doing the laundry and I decided to either binge watch YouTube videos or watch a movie while doing it. Neither worked out. The videos were ones that I have watched before and attempting to watch WILD when you’re in a crap state of mind was not a good idea.

So, I took advice from the Twisted Sisters and danced it off.


Unfortunately for my neighbours, a Me Party consists of me singing along really loudly. Clearly, I have very kind ones because there has yet to be a noise complaint.

Here is what got me out of my funk, or at least shifted me nearer to the entrance of this pit:

  1. MmmBop by Hanson
  2. Hide Away by Daya
  3. Goodbye by Who Is Fancy (there are alternate videos for this that are just as good 1 and 2)
  4. Boys Like You by Who Is Fancy feat. Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande
  5. In The Heights by the Original Broadway Cast of In the Heights
  6. Two Step by Laura Bell Bundy
  7. Called Out In The Dark by Snow Patrol
  8. The Story by Brandi Carlile
  9. Anything Goes by Florida Georgia Line
  10. Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips (alternatively, there’s this great video that goes with it too)
  11. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner
  12. Feelin’ Kinda Naughty by Rachel Bloom from ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’
  13. Just Another Girl by The Killers

And in case you want to listen to any of them, all the songs have been linked to their respective YouTube videos.

Does doing that help anyone else? Try it out. Sing and move in the privacy of your own home and just let it all out. Who cares if anyone is watching?



Songs that Remind Me of Something

day 3

I thought I’d tell the story behind each song.

I have a strong affinity for music and I place songs very easily, just a few bars of the opening is enough for me to get it right. I like to play that game in the car, or send my brother snippets of melodies and make him guess what the title is. When I play this game with my mother, she can hardly ever get it right. 😂 So far, it’s only ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

It’s no surprise that a lot of these songs have to do with my family and growing up. My dad had this amazing collection of CDs that my brother and I would play on repeat when we were kids. If you were to check my Spotify ‘Saved’ list, you’d see a strange combination of songs from different eras and very diverse genres.

I could have listed a lot more but I thought I would stop at 17 or this list would never end. Each track has been linked to a YouTube video, just in case you wanted to hear what each song sounds like.

No.1 reminds me of Lydia Bennet from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (that web series that I was obsessed with in 2013? I even made a poster that’s actually done quite well in terms of sales, haha). Look up the lyrics, if you’d like. They reflect her point of view in her relationship with George Wickham quite succinctly. Or any relationship that ends badly where you are so wrapped up around the other person. And yes, I was that attached to Lydia that this song still sticks with me.

No. 2 reminds me of my little cousin, Frida Ashley who told me ‘shhh. it’s my song’ when I tried to sing along with her two Christmases ago. Has she ‘let Frozen go’ yet? Hell no.

No. 3 is my favourite BeeGees song that serves as a constant reminder to me that only one of them is alive right now, and he better not die before I get to shake his hand, and thank him for bringing so much joy to my life. Yes, I’m a weird fangirl.

No. 4 reminds me very clearly of the version Adam Lambert did on American Idol. I’m a Glambert through and through, but that’s not the main reason I decided to include this. It was something Smokey Robinson said in that ‘pre-performance’ clip with Adam when asked what inspired the song: “I thought about what if a person cried so much, until if you got really close up to their face, you could see that their tears had left tracks in their face”. As obvious as that is, if you take the song literally, just thinking about that sort of emotion, that concept! It was mindblowing, it was beautiful to me.

No. 5 reminds me of a certain someone (😘) that people used to call my ‘conjoined twin’ because we used to go around together all the time. It reminds me of a time when things were blissfully simple in comparison to now, yet we all felt like the weight of the world was on our shoulders. This song used to crack her up, so I think about her every single time I hear it.

The next one was something I used to sing to myself softly when I was going through a terrible time a few years ago. The lyrics are so poignant, and so moving. It’s pretty ‘healing’ just whispering the words.

No. 7 is that classic BSB song that I can identify by year of release (1999 FYI) because one of our annual school concerts involved the boys from my class dancing along to that while dressed up as toy soldiers. It’s something I won’t forget because the choreography was really cool.

I think we can guess that lucky 8 is because I fell in love with Glee a long time before it came to Malaysia. I still stand by the idea that I was one of the first few ‘international’ fans. I caught the ‘leaked pilot’ before pilot season that year because it somehow ended up on YouTube and remember thinking that this was going to a great show. And it was..before it got too big for itself. But I did watch the whole of the last season because Rachel Berry is still my girl, no matter what rubbish she went through.

No.’s 9 and 16 are songs that remind me of my dad. My dad can never remember who sang Temple of the King, no matter how many times I remind him. Papa Was Rolling Stone has this really long intro, if you’ve never listened to it, and I remember listening to it on the radio for the first time and asking my dad if it was purely instrumental. It’s one of my fonder memories of being young.

It Must Have Been Love is the ultimate love ballad that I used to replay from one of my dad’s old CD’s. This is 5 year old me, with barely any knowledge of what ‘liking’ a boy felt like. I still know all the words.

No. 11 is a song my brother and I would play randomly, and it gives me goosebumps. This song is just incredible..the whole Lion King OST is incredible, but this song! damn.

12 and 17 are my mom’s songs. The first is one her late cousin used to play on his guitar when they were kids. She told me a long time ago, about how the lyrics truly reflected his life (his daughter’s name is Michelle, and he was the ‘black sheep’ of the family). Listening to it makes her tear up. ‘Tomorrow’ is the song my mom loves to sing but gets the last note so wrong it makes me wince openly. I kid you not, it has been so many years but she can never nail the last ‘away’, and it’s not even a ‘high note’.

13 is my favourite Beatles song because I used to put that on repeat before I knew The Beatles was a group. I know Chris Colfer did a heartbreaking rendition of it on Glee in Season 1, but I still prefer the original ‘peppy’ version.

14 and 15 are songs my brother and I sing along to shamelessly in the car. 14 is definitely one of the few Malay songs I listen to, but it’s such a good ‘old school’ song that you have to love it, if you grew up in the country. 15 was featured in ‘Evolution’ (yes, that movie that David Duchovny did with Julianne Moore ages ago) and I fell in love with it ever since.

So yes, here’s the lengthy essay about these songs. I really did expect to write this many words. 😂

p.s. the scribbles are intentional, in case you didn’t get it. But I’m sure you did, cause you’re awesome.

This has been part of the #paperlovestory30days meme created by Amanda from PaperLoveStory

Weekly Round-up #9

Hello lovelies!

Aside from my ‘announcement’ on Monday, it’s been a slow week of sorts. I had Wednesday off, which was nice, cause it meant I could sleep in a little. My copy of Cherry Bombe arrived in the mail too, and I may do a review of sorts for this magazine and Kinfolk in the future, once things quiet down. That is likely to be after my exams, though.

Tuesday was the birthday of a dear friend, Melanie ‘Macaroni’. Welcome to the WE ARE OLD club: congratulations on your membership and don’t forget to get it renewed next year. 😏

Here are the things that have interested me this week, which somehow turned out to be a compilation of music related things:

Prince of Egypt Medley from Peter Hollens, oh my heart. I cannot explain how important that movie, and it’s soundtrack, mean to me.

Enver Gjokaj (Agent Carter’s ‘Daniel Sousa’) stealing my heart again

Santino Fontana totally nailing ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman‘ with Jonathan Groff. THE ENDING is so cute.

If you’re not watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, this may help convince you, or at least tempt you.

Carly Hugh’s singing is so beautiful it blows my mind.

And Christopher Sieber does creepy well. I like this song, okay? I know it’s creepy. But damn, it has a nice melody. (Have I not posted this before?)

And finally, not music related: Grace Flynn- her pictures are so pretty and always make me so hungry. I crave doughnuts all the time because of it. I follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.

Have a wonderful week ahead! x

Mamma Mia!


I caught Mamma Mia last night with my family and I was really glad for it. This is the third musical I’ve seen this year (My Fair Lady and Grease, previously) and it was well worth it. The show was funny, sound system surprisingly good (first time sitting in the Plenary Theatre in KLCC) and the cast was pretty good (I did find the Sophie and Donna slightly nasal-y but if you ignored that, it was great); ‘The Winner Takes It All’ was AMAZING.

If you have not watched this and enjoyed the movie, you definitely should catch it. If you didn’t watch the movie, you should watch it. If you like ABBA, you definitely should watch it. My dad enjoyed it the most, which is great because guess what album he’s getting for Christmas? 😉


Music and Lyrics


My friends know that I LOVE musicals. I grew up with music in the house, mostly from my dad’s old CDs. My brother and I send each other song recommendations, we fight over who’s songs get to be played in the car, we argue about which sings covered a certain song better. I blast music when I’m home alone and sing along obnoxiously. Music is important to making me who I am.

Here’s the thing though, how often do we truly listen to what we’re.. listening to? How often do we pay attention the song lyrics? How often do we notice what the songs are really saying?

A fine example is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Remember how catchy the tune was that it took a good while before people noticed what the lyrics were truly about?

But you’re a good girl!
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Now, let’s compare it with:
I like us better when we’re wasted
It makes it easier to fake it
The only time we really talk
Is when our clothes are coming off
Wasted by Tiesto

Baby, I’m preying on you tonight.

Hunt you down, eat you alive…

So what you trying to do to me

It’s like we can’t stop we’re enemies

But we get along when I’m inside you

You’re like a drug that’s killing me

Animal by Maroon 5

I do not deny that these songs have great beats. The lyrics though.. they’re not really great, when you think about it. I don’t know, does it matter for you what the songs say? Or is a good tune enough to keep listening to something?



Welcome Home- Radical Face

So, it’s going to be September in a week and I felt that there was a bit of a change of pace in life. Things are either starting for those who are about to enter university in a few weeks/days time or ending, for those of us who are midway through semesters.

I thought why not post a song that I thought was pretty, to help you take your mind off things or just put things in perspective. Radical Face is Aaron’s current obsession, so this song has been playing in my house for almost a few months now. It’s actually quite a pretty-ish song. The melody feels old, in a good way. Take a listen, and maybe check out their other work.