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June/July redux

At least someone noticed. 🙂 thank you.

The Biology classes had our first ever Paper 4 test which believe me was not any fun. I wish that I had more time to think through my answers. I’m glad I managed to answer everything but whether or not the answers were remotely correct is another story altogether. Ah well.

Tomorrow I’m sitting for my IELTS exam. Honestly, I’m not ready for it one bit. I’m not going to lie and say I studied for it. I didn’t. I looked through formats and a few reading questions but all in all, I’m going tomorrow with a “deer in headlights” look. Again, this is due to mismanagement of time.

I stopped piano classes for now. I just feel that it would be a waste of money if I went for classes without doing the work. I’d be taking up my dear teacher’s time and spending hard earned cash that would best be used for the other standardised tests that I’ll have to sit for in applying to university. Sheesh. Why does education cost so much? It costs a whole lot more just to apply and it’s not as if you are guaranteed a place in the school.

But if all this effort on my parents and my part works out and I’ll be wearing orange and black (even if its horribly unflattering) this time next year, I’ll be very happy. If everything works out the way I dream it will, I’ll be over the moon.

On another note, I got a package from a good friend in the post last week. Zerobriant, the designer I mentioned a few posts ago sent me a shirt. Its the same design Aaron bought me but THIS ONE FITS!! 🙂 And he sent it to me for free since I’m a friend and technically a superfan and because I was wailing about how much I wanted the shirt not knowing Aaron bought one for me. I am so blessed to have people who care enough to make me happy. I am very lucky that way.

I’m off to cram whatever information regarding IELTS I can into my very tired brain tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be tolerable.

Aaron’s “shining moment” as a brother

Guess what Aaron bought me?

The Stare Down shirt that I was raving about early this month. Tha idiot did not tell me he got Melissa to buy the shirt for me. AND it must have cost a bomb. But I’m grateful. Its HUGE though, wrong sizing but hey, this is going up on my wall. When I get to university, I’m taking it with me.

introducing: Zerobriant

Since I’ve mentioned TeeFury before, I thought I’d mention a shirt designer who’s work I ADORE. Mainly because he’s made such genius Doctor Who and Star Wars shirts. I’ve been meaning to do this a while back but exams came up.



This guy lives in the Philippines, nurse by day and Whovian T-Shirt designer by night. And he’s such a nice guy. He ACTUALLY replies when you talk to him, unlike a lot of people I follow on FB and Twitter. The one thing I like about his designs is that he takes into account what the “consumers” want. He posts up the preliminary designs and gets comments on what should be improved or any suggestions his fans make. So when the shirt comes out, people feel that its “their” shirt because what they mention has been taken into account. He asks what designs we would like to see and then tweaks the ideas to come up with what I consider ‘pure genius’.

Enough of my gushing, here’s some of his work.

The Swan Queen Amidala Design

He dedicated this shirt to me so HAHAHAHHAHA (this is me gloating because someone bothered to dedicate a design to me)

Save Rory Williams (a Doctor Who character that gets killed off every other episode)
Poked to Death (Death Star-Pokeball)
This was based on a "password" from an episode of DW. It was "Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor". So genius shirt.
Whombies. From the preliminary design and the edits done with the comments provided by fans like myself.
Smurf vs Ninja/Zombie/Robot/Pirate

AND he gives away free Stickers or T-Shirts to EXTREMELY LUCKY people. I haven’t won anything so far but I shall not give up hope!! Here’s the latest giveaway. I love this design because all of you know how obsessed I am with Doctor Who.

Eleven Doctors

To Elisabeth Sladen

As a Doctor Who fan I mourn the loss of one of the classic companions (Sarah Jane Smith) played by Elisabeth Sladen.God bless her soul.

She was the companion of the third and fourth Doctor and returned to Whovians in her own spinoff in 2007 (The Sarah Jane Adventures) after her last episode in 1976. She was the companion that saw the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor, making the whole thing seem more real. She was the link from the past that made the show ever more believable and more .. epic. She was such an actress.. she will be dearly missed by Whovians all over the world.

Sarah Jane and the 3rd Doctor
Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor
Sarah Jane and the 10th Doctor
Sarah Jane (Left) and the 11th Doctor

Great great woman. I miss her already.

Goodbye.. 😦

comic books galore! :)

once again, the camera used to take these is super old. please keep that in mind. 😛
Aaron spent his savings on comic books from his friend Edmund (who’s also a Whovian. yes, I’m just throwing that in there). My mom let him. hah. She even bought him a giant rack to put his books and the other storybooks we own.

Here’s the rack:

Yes that is a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. and on top of the rack is a vase my dad brought back from India when i was 3. (the only one left since my brother and I broke the other two playing Cowboys) And an apple and the torchlight. My mom thinks that those add a nice touch. -_-

And these are the comic books. 🙂 Not all of them are up here yet.

A shot from one of the books:

So I’ve only read two so far. This one with Wolverine and Cat Woman:

The writer/artist was smart to put the two together. 🙂 it worked.

Random shot of a Wolverine book. Because I like Wolverine. He’s short like me. hahah

I read this one too. Justice League based.

and believe me it was DEPRESSINGGGGG!!!! very well written. It was epic.

So yes, this is me showing off. I am glad Aaron spent his money on these. 🙂 But he was suppose to get me Edmund’s Dalek too but that didn’t fall through. Clearly, Edmund is more of a Whovian that he would admit to be. 😛