Hello my darlings!

As you may have noticed, I have a fontanelle (‘soft spot’, get it? nah, it’s a bad joke) for using numbers as post titles. It’s a thing for me. There are about 32 days left in the year and frankly, I don’t quite know what I’ll be doing for them.

Aside from diving head first into Gilmore Girls discussions, I have not done much. Last week two friends and I went to the medical council here to register ourselves for our internship next year. It just grounds the whole experience of medical school, you know? Working as an ‘adult’ in 2017.. gosh.

I went to Malacca with my parents just for a really quick food trip last Saturday and I don’t really have anything to say about it. I’m going to add some pictures that I took there for no real reason and absolutely no connection to anything I’m going to write about.




I’m going to plug a few things just because I have not done this in a while:

My Dad Wrote A Porno– Jamie Morton sits down with two of his friends and reads a terrible erotica novel thing his dad self-published and it is hilariously terrible. I recommend you listen to it, if you don’t mind the filth, but please do not put your parents through it, unless they’re incredibly cool about the whole thing- which most parents would not be. It’s funny, I can say that. I listened to a few episodes while I cleared out my room on Sunday.

This Is Us- As you know I’m very partial to Milo Ventimiglia’s face, and he’s in this, so yeah. If you have not heard anything about it, I would say watching it without knowing what it’s about is a good idea. Go in without any expectations. Highly recommend it if you like shows about complex relationships, be it romantic or familial.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them– This is almost an unnecessary plug but I really enjoyed this instalment to the HP franchise. We all kinda know that JK Rowling jumped back in because it churns out money but I am sure that she’s also itching to see if ‘she’s still got it’. I know, I sound like a sceptic, but since the last book, I’ve just been very ‘bleh’ about it all. But this movie has opened a new area and since there are no books, I will not be able to be disappointed in the execution. Also, Eddie Redmayne as Newt is A+.

Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of Closer– Kenton Chen is talented and adorable. That’s all my justification for this plug.

Good Girls Revolt– an Amazon series about women in the workforce in the 70’s, struggling to be recognised for their talents and to be allowed the same job opportunities. I think I like it because it reminds me of Mad Men, in the sense that the characters are messy and make the stupidest decisions that make you want to shake them on occasion.

Have a good week guys!



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