I partially wrote a blog post earlier. And then WordPress decided to not save it. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it decided that my post wasn’t good enough. That happens, right?; the robots have decided that my words aren’t good enough.

Since that post basically got murdered by the machines, I’m going to talk about something else. This is my last weekend in Melbourne and I’m very pleased. I have three days left, two days in the hospital and the last for me to thoroughly clean my room and get everything packed. Yeah, this isn’t gonna go too well because I feel like I have more things than I have luggage space. Oh well.

Melbourne has been an interesting time.

I’ve never lived away from my family for this long. I have never lived without friends under the same roof for this long. As the past ten posts or so have chronicled, there have been ups and downs, more valleys than peaks at the start. It shows how well I handle things, no?

A lot of my time in Melbourne has been spent with my headphones/earphones stuck in my ears/over my ears. Also, I lost my earphones within the first month here, but do not fret, it was the “free pair” that came with my phone. It still sucked because carrying headphones around means that there’s less space in my bag.


I have never listened to more podcasts and more music than here. I have almost memorized the soundtracks of a whole bunch of musicals because of how much I’ve listened to them. I feel like Demi and Kevin from The Gilmore Guys are my best friends because I’ve probably listened to more hours of them talking than actual people. Also, if you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, you should totally listen to The Gilmore Guys because they are so funny that I have a hard time not laughing out loud in public.

Now that just makes me sound really sad.

Wandering around the city with your own soundtrack is a very special way to experience a place. I do the terrible bobbing up and down thing or doing tiny little dance steps when I listen to things. It’s a bigger problem when it’s the OST from Aladdin or Kinky Boots because those memories are still fresh in my mind (yes, I watched Kinky Boots two days ago and I LOVED IT) and the music is very ‘bob up and down or do tiny little dance steps’.


I have been to the public library (the State Library of Victoria) more than I’ve been to any public library in Malaysia. I have done a whole lot more ‘hanging solo’ time. I have gotten lost on public transport a number of times. I got on the wrong train yesterday. That was immensely ‘fun’, especially when I only had 11% battery left.

One of the major plus sides to being here is definitely the amount of “culture” I have enjoyed. I have never seen these many musicals in a year than 2016 so far. I cringe a little thinking of how much I’ve spent on theater this year, but hey, what is the likelihood that I’m gonna have the opportunity to see any of the shows I’ve gotten to watch ever again? It’s not that high.

Home is three days away. Yay.




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