It is a Sunday, I’m in Starbucks, I’m watching a Hallmark movie (Love on the Air) on my laptop because I genuinely like it. It’s a well written one and not saccharine sweet, but cute enough to be comforting.

I’m not 100% well. Somehow, I’ve developed a sore soft palate again. This is horrible. My body has built up enough tolerance to Melbourne, and is now rejecting it. Hahaha. I’m glad no Australian is actually reading this. But if there is, I am sorry for the insult, I don’t really mean it, I’m just homesick, physically sick, and seriously craving a nice bowl of pork noodles.

I am so done with being sick. It’s so freaking annoying.

I went out on Friday with a group of friends as it was a public holiday. We went to Yarra Valley, had a wine tasting session, a cheese tasting session and popped by a chocolate factory before heading back to the city for dinner and a stop at a board game place. It was with mish-mash of people I don’t normally hang out with and it provided for interesting conversation. I forget how different my normal associations are in comparison to the ones I spent time with in the last two days. Not necessarily a bad thing because it’s always good to mix with different people.


In relation (and not quite) to that (because this is partly inspired by something brought up in one of the older episode of the Gilmore Guys podcast), I have been thinking about chemistry between people. I have a question for you, dear reader: When is chemistry between two people consider romantic?

Is all chemistry considered romantic?

Is it when you start to wonder? Is it when your other friends start pointing it out and asking questions?

Can chemistry be platonic? Or is the negation of that the reason for the ‘men and women cannot be purely friends’ rule?

Where is the line that tells you that compatibility is not purely friendship? Any TV show illustrates this situation with the whole ‘oh, we’re just friends’ thing before that turns into the two people going out/eventually getting married/breaking up a season down the road.

I believes that all friendships are based on good chemistry between two individuals because you have to be able to connect with someone at some level. But when is chemistry.. ‘chemistry’?

Answer me that, dear reader. I’m quite curious to hear what you think.

It is now October 2nd and Daylight Savings in Australia, which puts me 3 hours ahead of home. Oh, home. I am 24 days away.


I can deal with 24. I think.

Have a great week ahead, lovelies! x

EDIT– here’s what Lydia has to say about it, and since I cannot put pictures in comments, I’m gonna put a screenshot of it here:



One thought on “24

  1. Chemistry “chemistry”… is when they feel something changes between them. When the casual touch becomes a longing. When they could drown themselves in the other’s presence. That is when romance happens.

    I’m pretty sure different people give different chemistry. Acquaintance, casual, bestie, soulmate, you would have to be aware on how much energy you give out to the others naturally. Which ones could power you up in different areas (spiritually, physically, mentally, creatively) with or without effort, that sort of feeling.

    I don’t believe in “men & women can’t be purely friends”. That is total BS (& very heteronormative….eww sorry hetero friends but ewwww), & that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have many (or any) guy friends.

    That is my opinion though.

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