I am crying over the videos from Father Philips Muthu’s funeral and I swear my eyes will be puffy tomorrow.

I keep writing these things, these posts about how important people are in your life and to cherish them because they can make an exit in one way or another. I hate that I keep writing these because it usually means someone I know has passed away, or it’s an anniversary of someone’s death.

The priest I’m writing about was a good man, a good listener, and someone my family trusted enough with our problems. A bunch of years ago when my brother was going through a really dark time, Father Philips was the one person he would talk to. And through the years that I have known him, this priest has always remembered us, and most of all, remembered my brother. I think in some ways, Aaron chose law because Father Philips was a lawyer (and a Canon Law expert, and an exorcist). When they bumped into each other at the BERSIH rally last year, he was so proud of my brother, just so freaking proud.

It’s so sad that my mom could never go through with the promise to have Father Philips over. For years he’s been planning to visit our home, but my mom was too embarassed because we don’t have a ‘real home’. And now that that is coming to fulfillment in the next year or so, we cannot keep our promise. Retrospectively, I am 100% sure that Father Philips would not have cared that we didn’t have a home, nor would he have judged us for it.

It’s little things like that that make me even sadder.

He was such a good man. He always did his best to serve the community he was placed in, no matter where he was, be it in PJ or serving as one of the only (if not the only) prisest in Terengganu.

Again, like it needs saying, hug those you love tightly, remember to tell them that you care. Don’t let something trivial hold you back.

God rest his soul.


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