I received news this morning that one of the priests I have known for the past 12 years had passed away yesterday evening. It was a shock, it is too soon because he is so young. This man was instrumental in helping my brother through a really hard time in his life and is someone I consider a good family friend. I am truly saddened by the news. Only 56 and to die from a heart attack. :/ God rest the soul of Father Philip Muthu.

In other news, I was welcomed back with open arms on Friday. It was such an ego boost to overhear the resident say “I’m so glad Grace is back.” Sure, it was only because having me around means he can make me do a good amount of work on his behalf, but it was nice. I have three days more in that ward before I move up to the ‘General Medicine’ ward, which is basically the same thing.

but yes, 45 days more!

I went to the AstroLight Festival at the Spotswood ScienceWorks Museum yesterday with a friend. It was actually pretty fun. We managed to see Saturn and Mars through a few telescopes, alone with the surface of the moon. I have always found space to be quite thrilling so having the opportunity to actually see other planets, to see the surface of the moon so clearly.. that was such a great moment.


I’m at the State Library of Victoria right now because I truly need to get work done and my room is far from conducive for any of this. I need to look up why choosing warfarin and aspirin is good for this case study I’m discussing tomorrow with my team.


45 days more guys. I can survive that, right? Besides, I’m watching MATHILDA in 2 weeks 🙂


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