Yeah, this is late, but I kinda have an explanation.

So, I fell sick after my pretty fun weekend last week. I went on a train ride aka Puffing Billy with a few friends and up Mount Dandenong for hot chocolate, scones and to catch the sunset. While that Saturday did not start the way I thought it was going to (because I took the wrong bus- Bus Replacing Trains are THE WORST), it ended quite well.


Sunday was pretty much a solo day that didn’t start out well either. I missed mass because I missed the train and so I had a nice breakfast, and tried to go to the Roald Dahl Day thing at Federation Square. Aside from getting a tiny cupcake, there really wasn’t much else to do because the activities were mainly targeted at children, for good reason. Also, I was starting to feel really sick, so I took a long nap in the afternoon.


I woke up on Monday feeling awful, so I didn’t go to work. Today is Day 4/5 of my illness, and I’m thankfully much, much better. I’ll be heading back to the ward tomorrow- I’m pretty sure my cough and flu will be 90% gone by then. I don’t want to infect any of the patients and I was sent home on Wednesday when I did try to go to work.

48 days to go before my flight. I’m pretty glad we’re less than 50 right now. Just 7 weeks or so to go, and I’ll be home. Phew.


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