I just love seeing that number reduce. This is really the longest time that I’ve been away from home, ever. I still look forward to that flight home.

Last weekend was more enjoyable than I expected it to be. It was pretty fun just spending time with two friends who were also ‘alone’ for the weekend. We went for a walking-the-streets-of-Melbourne-tour of certain art pieces courtesy of BLINDSIDE Gallery. That same evening I watched I AM LEGEND (for the first time, though I knew the plot) hosted by The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. The main reason I attended that was because of the panel after, which was a fun discussion about the potential of zombie apocalypses ,and the scientific accuracies and inaccuracies of the movie.

Sunday was a little quiet with a trip to the Hellenic Museum and then Victoria Market for waffles.


I like weekends with not much pressure. Not everything has to be a massive event that requires 5 or 6-hour drives. I’m grateful for weekends where I can discover a side of this city with people who share the same interests as me.

Just 58 more sleeps and I’ll be back home. 12 week days till I’m done with this rotation. One day at a time.


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