I am flying home in 73 days. I changed my flight to 1.10am on a Thursday because we’re allowed to leave after the Wednesday of the last week. Yes 1.10am is a little absurd but the earlier I leave the better. hah.


It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I turn 24. Whoopdeedoo. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow. I have this workshop in the evening and I’m hoping to weasel a dinner with the people I know who’ll be attending it, too. I don’t mean I want them to pay for my dinner, it would just be nice to spend my birthday with someone, and not alone. I’ve had most of this weekend being alone, and I assure you, I have done some stupid-emotional-wreck crying on buses and trains. It’s so stupid that spending my birthday without my family makes me this upset.

This week was my first in geriatrics and I actually like it. The patients are often amusing, as terrible as that sounds. The resident and registrar I’m with are quite nice, though I think the consultant has not warmed up to me at all. Win some, lose some, haha.

I went to the Melbourne Zoo by myself on Saturday and that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I took loads of photos and stared as long as I wanted to at as many animals as I saw fit. I made it a point to make sure I walked through the whole place.

I watched Avenue Q with a friend and honestly, it was more amusing and a better time than Funny Girl. I feel kinda bad saying that, but I liked it better. I guess it did resonate better with me because it was more about ‘failing to adult’, and ended without much resolution about that main plot thread. I liked it a lot.


Anyway, I’m missing my best friends more than ever tonight. As usual, being here does nothing else but remind me of those I love most in the world and how much I miss them. Here’s to family, and friends that are family, to those who love us despite how shitty human beings we can be- you are the best thing in my life. ❤️


Happy Birthday to me!




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