I just came back from watching Selena Gomez in concert, with DNCE as her opening act. It was a little ‘unreal’ to be ridiculously close to the stage. I am not a massive fan of Selena or DNCE, but I’m a human being, and making eye contact, however fleeting, with Joe Jonas being less than 50m away from me was surreal. Yes, he is very attractive from afar and in real life. Also, that band is really good in person. I am genuinely a fan now.

But I wanted to talk about Selena for a bit.

So, I went to this concert with two other girls, my friend from medical school and her cousin. We were really close to the stage, we could see her make-up, her outfits etc. And I’m appreciative of how much she works at maintaining a smile and a ‘character’ while performing.

Unfortunately, one of the first comments said once we left was ‘She’s so thin! She put on weight before but she’s so thin now!’

That got an instant frown from me. I know it was probably not malicious, it was more of a passing comment, in all likelihood. But at the same time, it was a sad situatioin because it shows how much focus is on a person’s weight. You’re either ‘too skinny’ or ‘you’ve put on weight’. It’s a miserable situation when you’re a female celebrity, and even if you’re a female person in real ‘normal’ life.

I don’t know why it’s a must to observe something like that. Does it really matter if she put on or put off weight, especially since she’s clearly in a normal weight range? Why does it matter so much how a person looks?

It’s hard enough to judge yourself without having to hear the world talk about you. Let’s stop doing that, give people a break.



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