Clearly I’m going to title all my posts with a countdown to the number of days before I go back.

Today is my last day in this half of the posting. This week has been pretty okay. I did a little more than the last week and I think my resident and I are genuine friends now, haha. Frankly speaking, he’s the only person I’ll actually miss when I go to radiation aspects of cancer treatment for the next three weeks. When he saw me this morning he went, “Amazing grace. How sweet the sound.”

“Like I’ve never heard that all my life.”

“It’s a big day, you know. Your last day in Med Onc. I’m going to try not to cry.”

See, guys, I made a friend.

I don’t quite know what to expect from next week but it means I’m going to have to readjust everything again. I won’t know the routines, I won’t know the team. But clearly, that’s just how my life works now, right?

Aside from that, this week has had some drama. On Tuesday morning, I woke up to a text from my friend saying that someone broke into the house they were staying at. Actually, to call it a house is putting it too kindly. It’s basically a makeshift home in not-great conditions. The plumbing is terrible, there’s no central heating, and the owner is a prick. So anyway, on Tuesday morning at 4am, someone broke in and went into one of the rooms. The girl staying in that room thankfully woke up and screamed, causing the other two people to wake up. The trespasser ran out and escaped through a window via the one unoccupied room.

The three of them called the cops who came and saw the place, documenting what happened. Can you imagine how that feels like? Being in a country without your normal social support, without the convenience of a car, in some shitty conditions, defenseless.. and someone breaks in and walks into your room. I panicked when I saw the text that morning. My first instinct was to head over and try to help, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have any connections to do anything about the situation, and I had to go to ‘work’. After a good 40 minute phone call with the girl who texted me, the plan was to go to uni and get some help from the person in charge of our Malaysian students in Year 5 and see where it goes from there.

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy for them. They moved out and had to stay in separate places. Thank goodness we made friends with the Australian student who was with us in our second rotation because she drove them around and helped them look for somewhere else to stay. The two girls also crashed on her couch that night because they could not move in to their new rentals.

The importance of making friends!

I think I would go crazy and hop on a plane if something like that happened to my daughter. I would be on the first flight over, screw my job. But that’s just me as a hypothetical parent. No judgement whatsoever on theirs, of course, because one girl has an aunt here (who’s unfortunately out of town) and the other one didn’t tell her parents until the drama had ended.

Melbourne has been tumultuous, really. It’s been pretty mad.

But on the lighter side of things, on Tuesday evening, I went out to dinner in a fancy French restaurant with the lady who was my supervisor (for two days!) in the forensics rotation I didn’t complete, and the other Australian student who I sorta befriended on my first day there. It was a nice meal, the food was pleasant, but here’s the kicker: I ate brain. Sheep’s brain, if I’m not wrong. The Aussie student was keen on trying it because ‘it would be the perfect way to end my rotation in forensics’. The plate came, and it was three little brains in some sauce. I initially took a bite out of curiosity, and then had another one in solidarity just so we could finish one of the three brains.

Brains taste weird. Or maybe it was the sauce. It’s so mushy and fatty tasting on the inside. I think the fact that I knew it was a brain did not help. My gag reflex kicked in at some point, and I gulped down a lot of water. But even though that was the starter, and we had pretty sensible mains (fish and veal), the taste of the brain did not leave my mouth.

So yeah, I ate brain.

In other news, my next few weekends should be interesting. Last Friday, after I finished up the post and headed off to the city with my friends, I bumped into someone I did not expect AT ALL. Clearly, it’s a small, small world because I just so happened to make eye contact with someone walking in the opposite direction of me in the mall, and it just so happened to be Serena, a girl I knew from Sunday School ages ago. Coincidentally, the first time I went to Melbourne during my WYD trip (we spent a day in Melbourne on our way back from Sydney), I was with her! While we were quite good friends and met up consistently a few years after WYD- I watched the last 3 Harry Potter movies with her, and the other girl from WYD, Katrina- I think life took us to different paths after a point and we lost touch.

So, it made it absolutely bonkers that I bumped into her last Friday. We exchanged numbers and are planning to meet up this coming Sunday. Isn’t the world a funny place?

On the musical front, I think I’m going to be spending a whole lot on that while I’m here. I’m going to see Funny Girl next Sunday (24th of July) and then Avenue Q on the 14th of August. We have not picked a day to watch Mathilda just yet, but that is definitely happening. Kinky Boots is also in town in October, so that seems very likely. Singing in the Rain and Sound of Music are currently playing, and I won’t be surprised if I find myself watching those one of these weekends.

And I’ve somehow gotten myself a place watching Selena Gomez in concert on the 7th of August. I know, I’m not a huge fan or anything, but a friend is going and I didn’t actually have plans. So yeah, I’m seeing Selena Gomez in concert in three weeks. Who knew this day would come?

I did go to Mount Baw Baw last Saturday, but I’ll keep that story for when I go through the pictures and choose what I want to put up on the blog.

So yeah, for now, I’m going to hang around and meet my resident back at 1pm to see if anything is going on in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend!



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