Weekly Round-up #29


Seven days. Seven days.

Okay. Let’s get to it:

Good Week– I had an online interview thing last week. I got an email from one of the hospitals about doing a recorded interview, which means I go online, sit with the webcam on, click START INTERVIEW NOW, read a question for 9 seconds, then have my answer recorded. If that isn’t nerve wrecking, I don’t know what is. Seriously, 9 seconds. And all I could do is completely blank out and only think of good answers at the end.

So Bad Week– I think I flubbed it up. I left a long voice message lamenting my situation for a good friend to listen because I needed to cry about it somewhere. I don’t know. Maybe it didn’t go as badly as I thought it did. But I’m sure it did.

so yes. okay.

Now, let’s talk about something real.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the horrible shootings over the weekend. And I am not American, but human life being lost is still a sad day. Why do people shoot other people? It wasn’t lawful, it wasn’t in self-defense.

It is sad, it is horrible. But we must remember the good in the world. We must remember that people do love people, and that the world is good, and that hate and anger should not squelch the hope we have for a good future.

Let me leave you with something from a little famous series, and a little famous movie:

I love you all dearly. You are so lucky to be alive. Keep looking forward. It’s all going to be okay.



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