(2 )Weekly Round-up(s) #28

I missed out on doing this for the first time in 27 weeks. I wish I had a better excuse than the reality of it: my wonderful partner in life showed up again and required all my attention. I’m sure you know him, he’s been around for ages- good ol’ Mr. Procrastination and me, back at it again.

Let’s do this Lady Gang style and GOOD WEEK(s), BAD WEEK(s) it up:


Alright, BAD WEEK(s)

I was in orthopedics in the previous week and honestly, I’m not sure if those 5 days were good or bad. I know I’m not the best at ‘random small talk’ but I felt quite out of place in the clinic. But hey, I got to scrub in (like properly scrub in) for a plate removal from a fractured radius so that was a plus.

But what takes the cake for BAD WEEK was the drama over my internship application for Australia that happened on this past Friday. The way this works is you apply online, submit all your paperwork via the site and email the hospitals themselves. At the same time, you need to have two referees that fill up an assessment form from the site itself. Unfortunately, come Friday (two days ago), otherwise known as the LAST DAY for applications, one of my referees did not fill in the form. I contacted her to ask about it only to find out that the form was never received. Queue panic and disillusionment with the world.

I know the likelihood of getting an internship in the Melbourne region is really really really unlikely with the amount of competition, but on Friday, I was faced with the idea that I wouldn’t even be allowed to be a blip on the radar because I did not have two referees. It was a very upsetting evening with a lot of dramatic sighs from my mother who accused that referee of sabotaging me (Which she would not because she’s always been very supportive of me). But at approximately 6.45pm-ish, it worked out somehow. Thankfully.

It’s not quite a BAD WEEK but it almost was. By the meltdown I had on Snapchat you would think that my whole universe imploded.

GOOD WEEK of last week was probably getting three half days. Like I said, my supervisor for that week didn’t seem so keen on having me (or maybe that is his personality, I don’t know) and gave me three afternoons off. Pretty kind, I guess. Now, if only I had used that time wisely.

But the GOOD WEEK that wins by a mile is the one day trip to Singapore yesterday to watch Les Miserables. I think I mentioned that I would be going a few months back when I first bought my tickets and I finally did. It lived up to my expectations for sure. I did not expect to be seeing EARL CARPENTER AND SIMON GLEESON. I quite literally freaked out in my seat when I read their names in the program. I know that it may not mean much to you but those are BIG NAMES to me and I genuinely feel “#blessed” to have seen them on stage. I am so glad because their performances were amazing.

Also, I cried through Act 2 and even did a ‘no, no, no’ when Gavroche was climbing over the barricade to get ammunition. I am pretty pathetic that way. And the STAGING-I can go on and on about the staging! The lighting, the transitions between scenes! The set was beautiful. They played so well with the backdrop and making things look like their moving. The bit for Javert’s Suicide and when Valjean carries Marius through the sewers was so visually stunning.

If you’re crazy free and willing to got to a showing of Les Mis, it will definitely be worth your time. I kid you not.

So, Melbourne is about 14 days (actually 13 plus but let’s just round it up) away and I’m going to be spending the next two weeks trying to make sure I have everything in order. I am quite terrified but excited. but mostly terrified. New city and mostly alone.






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