Weekly Round-up #26

When I write a post for this blog, I imagine that you, dear reader, are a good friend. And that we are catching up over nice brunch on a weekend. It would be a Saturday and we would both not work on weekends. It would be 10am, we’re seated across from each other in one of those cafe-like breakfast shops, or maybe a diner as seen on American television.

We would have known each other for a long time, and this would be our weekly routine of sharing our thoughts and experiences from the past week.

Dear friend,my week has been alright. I have fallen into the comfortable pace of knowing my Surgical rotation supervisor’s routine. Some days are just hours in the clinic, and in the past week, there were only two days with patients in the ward. I went into the OT twice, mucked up my task of holding a retractor and generally feeling a little vacant.

I will be swapping over to orthopaedics for one week in Week 5 of this rotation (not this coming week, the week after). I don’t know if that makes me glad or uneasy. Glad because it’s new material, yes, but uneasy because it’s a brand new routine with a supervisor I don’t know.

I have three weeks more in this rotation. Five weeks till I fly to Melbourne. One could say that my restless sleep is due to more than one reason.

In other news, Lulu went for surgery yesterday. After putting it off for years, she was finally spayed. My father was, and still is, completely against it. He kept saying that we were being too cruel. I won’t lie, those words did cut me. I had second thoughts all the way to sending her to the vet, and even while she was there.

When we got her back last night, she was far from her normal self. I felt very much like a strange parent because she was whining but there was nothing I could do about it. She is much better today but I think her movements were stilled by the pain. But she is eating and walking about a little, so that’s a marked improvement.

How are you, dear friend? Were there good parts of your week that you’d like to share? or any particular low points that need hashing out?

While I am here to listen and read your comments, I know there would be hesitation to write down your problems for the world to see. I hope that you have a safe space where you can expand your thoughts, a good sounding board of sorts.

Have a wonderful week ahead! x



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