Weekly Round-up #25

This is the start of my third week in Surgery. Four more weeks to go. A total of 20 days. I really get what ‘Monday Blues’ feel like right now. I never used to feel like this in JB. I don’t know. Was it less pressure there? Or is the fact that I’m alone without friends 8 hours a day actually gets to me.

Guess I’m screwed during my four months in Melbourne then.



The highlight of the week was getting the absolute best present from a dear, dear friend. I think my adoration for Hamilton on Twitter and Tumblr has become overwhelming for people that she sent me this:

I assure you, there was screaming, running around the house showing it to everyone and then crying because I was literally so freaking happy. I wanted to get the book but shipping costs to Malaysia are horrifying, and would normally cost more than the item itself. I had no idea what it was and what to expect when the package arrived. And then the ripping of the box happened and when my eyes hit the spine, I absolutely lost it.


It’s so nice when people get you.

I will always be grateful to the Internet for allowing me to meet people like her. Sometimes making friends in real life is hard enough, and you hold back on your ‘crazy’ because judgement from ‘IRL’ people is difficult. It is easier in some ways to make friends online, but it is very much the same because when you click with someone, you really click with someone. I’m lucky that I have found a good few people that I genuinely bond with. I am always so glad when I look at all the postcards and cards from all over the place on my walls.

Anyway, I hope you have a good week ahead. xx



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