I hate big life news.

Big life news is that weird kind of news that just shakes you to your core. I like little news, news that you can still work around. Big life news just sits in your driveway and refuses to budge, like the tractor coming to bulldoze over your home to build a bypass.



It’s times like this when you just stop and think about the blessings you do have in your life, and to be grateful. And to remember to support people who may be falling apart. It’s a time to remain level headed, to allow yourself to feel ‘all the emotions’ but find a way to keep it together.

Adjusting to ‘big life news’ is never fun, and after a while, I’m sure it’ll all be okay. Right now the tremors of the metaphorical earthquake, the aftershock, it still reverberates and we’re on unsteady feet. But it will be okay.  I have faith, and that shall sustain me.




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