Weekly Round-up #20

Let’s do a Good Week-Bad Week.

Bad Week- Last Sunday was basically a 😕  day because I had clinic with the Head of Department, and, unfortunately, we (the girl I am partnered with and I) were late- not really our fault because for the past few weeks, he has shown up at 11 something, and we were there at 10.30, but somehow he decided to start extra early. So, yes, we were late and it wasn’t great.

So he makes us come again Tuesday.

And Tuesday, we were there at 9.30am. And guess what time he shows up? 12. And he only sees patients at 1. And honestly, it wasn’t a great day because for certain reasons aka lots of other people going in and out and in and out of the room, that the total time spent in his office was 40 minutes, and I spoke to him less than a minute.

not great. I had to get a group mate to move our bedside teaching from 2pm to 3pm because I was stuck in the clinic. And yes, no lunch. I actually tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.17.54 PM

So. yup. but moving on!

Good Week- This is kinda pathetic but my supervisor is away for the next week so that news is just the best thing. I’m awful. I know. I know.

Anyway, have a good week ahead people!

winky face


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