The Martian

I finished The Martian today, and it brought up a few things:

Number One: I miss reading science fiction.

And this book was really good, ‘sounds legit’ science fiction. Again, I thank my brother for my pretty broad taste in literature: growing up reading Star Wars novelizations and Animorphs basically made me convinced that there is extra terrestrial life out there. Being terrified of X-Files as a child only proved to be the foundation for my respect and fear of outer space. I think at one point in time I wanted to be a rocket scientist or an astronaut. Out of my Childcraft books, my favorites were the ones about animals, history, and space. I think I am fonder of space than I am of the ocean. It’s not as scary, but it’s scary enough.

Number Two: I am way too comfortable with dying. 

The last time I was on a plane and there was turbulence, I actually didn’t mind as much if we crashed, but it would be sad since there were kids on the plane, and they were probably loved very much. Now, is that morbid? It probably is. And it’s likely to indicate that I’m severely depressed or suicidal or something. But it’s kinda a thing I do. My brother once asked me what I would in the event of zombie apocalypse:

“I’ll walk up to the nearest zombie and let it bite me. Why put off the inevitable?”

According to my brother and my mom, that is not a normal response.

Now, if I was Mark Watney in the book, all they’d find is my dehydrated corpse when Ares 4 landed, and that would be the end of it. I think I would just surrender to the fact that I was going to die way too quickly.

I mean, sure, I have a feeling I would die youngish, but the prospect of what comes after death does haunt me a little. I have been educated to believe that there is an afterlife, and that there is a sort of judgement situation. An eternity of something. How exactly that looks like is beyond my imagination, and since it seems likely that I’m going to the less favorable of afterlifes, death isn’t something I’m quite keen on.

That’s a weird headspace to be in. Not minding dying, but kinda not ‘prepared’ for what comes after.

Anyway, this is a good book and I recommend that you read it. The end.



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