Weekly Round-up #18

Have you ever had that feeling when something is just ‘not for you’? I know I have.

It’s the weird ‘out of place’ sense you get, that nagging feeling that you’ve gotten it wrong and you want out.

I still don’t like Obs and Gynae.

My first two days involved me staying for my week day on-calls, which meant I started at 7am and ended at around 8/9pm ish.  That’s mainly the reason I had no energy to attempt to round-up the previous week. Sure, I have a nice supervisor who’s kind enough to let us have a more relaxed time, but I still don’t like it. Nothing has redeemed this rotation for me, and I’ll be glad to be rid of it.

That sounds terrible but I am genuinely glad that it’s only 6 weeks this time round, and not 9 weeks like last year. And in a way, starting in the Labour Room is a good thing because that means I’m done with the worst part sooner.

Five more weeks to go. yay.




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