Growing up fail

So, growing up is zero fun.

Everyone expects you to know what you’re doing, to be prepared, to have everything in place. It’s this unspoken rule that if you’re legally an adult, you’re supposed to know what goes where and anticipate all possibilities. There’s this ‘how could you not do ____? you’re an adult now’ speech that my parents give me when I mess up.

Perfection, that’s what we’re striving for here.

And I am undoubtedly far from that. I am the equivalent to Nick Miller from New Girl in terms of failing at ‘growing up’.


I was supposed to get my health check-up done for my visa but the genius that I am, I had two issues:

  1. TMI but the last day of my period was Monday, so I’m supposed to wait a week.
  2. I forgot my passport- it’s still in JB

Problem is, I only figured out no.2 after getting a urine test to make sure there was no microscopic traces of blood, so I could STILL get my health check-up done. And there’s wasn’t any red blood cells seen! But I don’t have my passport on hand. And I did check, I need the original copy.


Honestly, this isn’t my day.

Now, I have to figure out when I can come back again to get it done.


NEVERTHELESS, I am determined to make use of my time back home which means I am going to attempt to finishing writing my research paper (yes the one from a whole year ago because writing a research paper and being in medical school plus being a full-time procrastinator is hard) and submitting my elective rotation objectives.

Which shouldn’t be a problem because my writing process is very similar to Nick’s:

Did I mention that I have to be prepared for Obs and Gynae by this Sunday because I’m starting out in the Labour Room and that means it’s ‘quick fire questions’ from the head of department?


growing is fun.




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