Book Haul!

My books have arrived and it’s the best feeling. I have this pile on my table, okay, that’s a lie, on my bed, and I cannot wait to rip off the plastic wrap and feel the covers beneath my fingers, the embossing, the raised script!

I confess, I have opened two already: the Kate Beaton one, because I wanted to flip through the comics, and Jhumpa Lahiri’s IN OTHER WORDS. I have read a few chapters of the latter and it has filled me with this joy, the bliss that only comes with reading.

I have missed reading. Somehow, even in my time between semesters, I have often forgotten to pick up a book. It’s always my laptop now, devouring every bit of social media or art in it’s visual form. I forgot to read, and that’s a terrible feeling. Forgetting something you love!

Reading has been such a great way to make friends, to build connections, to understand a someone else at a subliminal level. It is always easier to talk to someone whom I know READS the same books. You may like the same TV shows, but you can have different levels of appreciation. But I have found that when you find people who ‘devour’ books like you do, it’s this spark of connection that has proven to extend across oceans and continents.

Here are the books I purchased, and yes, it’s quite a few. I intend to spend a good amount of time burying my face in them. Much like last year where most of my purchases were done when I was away from home, I think I’ll be buying  a lot more in months to come.



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