Weekly Round-up #15

Note: I wrote this on Friday and somehow published it on Saturday. I am clearly exhausted.

So, the first week of anesthesiology is over, and I have 5 more days to go. Ugh. I will admit that I was pretty excited about it at first because I had pictured it a little differently, but in the end, I think it’s not the specialty for me. I can’t quite picture it for now.

I spoke to an old schoolmate and a good friend today, and she ended up asking me what exactly anesthesiology was like, which provided a lot of time for reflection of the past week.

This part of the rotation involves a lot of standing around and participating only at the start and end of surgeries. I have learned how to intubate a patient, tried it but I was too nervous to successfully do it. I have gained a whole lot of knowledge about when different meds are given and reminded about information that I left years and years ago.

But depending on which surgeries you end up in, the wait in between the start and end can feel like an eternity. We cannot leave the operating theatre area for lunch so it is spent in the changing room munching on something not messy. Also, it is very very cold in the OT so it’s not fun.

Medicine is exhausting, guys. Genuinely think about it before advising anyone down this path.

I stayed at uni till 12.30am on Thursday (yes past midnight) because I needed to see the supervisor of my research project to learn the data analysis and get results for the write-up. I slept at 2am the night before and woke up at 6 am, was on my feet till 12 plus, then had class  till 3pm, then at uni from 5pm till past midnight.

No surprise I woke up at 9 am today. Hah. My housemate and I caught Hail Caesar in the cinema today, and it was pretty interesting. Based on the trailer, I had a certain impression going in, but it ended up being something completely different. It’s simple in some ways, but completely unexpected. I liked that it caught me off-guard. It had a Wes Anderson feel but it is definitely not a Wes Anderson movie.

Oh, this is hard to explain. I would still recommend it if you’re a fan of movies in general.


I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to the OT for an extra shift. 😩 oh well. Five days more. I can deal with that.

I miss the Emergency Department.


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