Uteruses before Duderuses

A few weeks ago, instead of properly studying for my IELTS exams, I decided to make these and send them out to my favourite girls for Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day.

I am VERY GLAD to say that due to reasonable planning, most of them arrived before/on the due date, so it was fitting. But somehow post to Ireland always gets delayed, so two of them didn’t reach exactly on time.

For you to find them amusing, you’d have to actually know the joke. And I like to think I chose appropriate ones for the right people, or at least, chose the right jokes for the right girl. These aren’t meant to be romantic, they’re meant to make you laugh. And I hope they did.

Now all I have to do is think of how I’m going to ‘level up’ from this next year. 😂


This is a Pride and Prejudice joke
Also a Pride and Prejudice joke
A joke from ‘It Happened One Night’
The Hobbit joke
a Star Wars joke
You will only get this if you crazy stalk the Tom Hiddles tag on Tumblr
Teen Wolf joke. Pretty funny in my head.


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