Weekly Round-up #12

I keep forgetting how many things I need to bring up and down every time I move. It is also a little ridiculous to think about how many things I’ll be dragging with me to Australia in June. I need to learn to pack lightly. Or something.

It’s the start of the ‘school year’ for me, and it’s my final year. No big exam to look forward to, a few classes and assignments. I am excited, yes, but I still feel this dread in the pit of my stomach. There is so much more expected of us, more than ever, and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s terrified of not being good enough. So much pressure and we all know how I deal with that.

Why am I in the medical school again?

I am going to focus on my main goal of the year and just keep chugging along. Hopefully, I can make it out without too many meltdowns and keep track of myself along the way. 2015 was a little high on the drama level and anxiety, and while I doubt this year will see a reduction in either, fingers crossed that I can handle everything better.





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