Grown Up?

When do we feel grown up? Rarely. Never? Once in a blue moon when we choose a cost-effective choice over something frivolous?

Here is the list of things I do that make me feel like an ‘almost adult’:

    • Full driver’s license
      With the drama that it took, this is a huge deal to me. Unlike most people, I had to get my driver’s license twice because I forgot to get it changed the first time. Never do that, kids. Pass once, remember the renewal date, and NEVER HAVE TO SIT FOR IT AGAIN. I take so much pride in my driver’s license.
    • Using an electric toothbrush
      I cannot explain the brilliance of using an electric toothbrush. I have permanent retainers and using a normal toothbrush has never made me feel like my teeth were really clean. But I got an electric one a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE with it. My teeth have never felt better.
    • Having recipes that I actually memorised
      It’s one thing to refer to a book, and it’s another to have it so ingrained in your mind that you can just make it. It’s a nice feeling, being able to feed yourself, if you choose to.
    • A quality bag
      You know I got this bag two years ago but I am so glad and happy with it. It’s a solid bag that’s pretty timeless and I can definitely use it for decades to come. It’s genuine leather which means it’ll probably age well with proper care. And since I paid for it out of my own savings, I definitely will.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.34.28 PM

  • A Planner
    The fact that I own a planner just makes me feel more adult. Having to write things down and a checklist just makes it seem like I know what shit is going down, you know? It’s probably just in my head, like everything else, but yeah.2.png

    • Listening to Podcasts
      I have mentioned this before, but I have become one of those podcast-listening people. Right now I’m following The Fempire, Modern Love, and The Lively Show regularly. I’m still searching for more to add to list, but these three are my subscribed ones for now.

Okay, though most of these don’t constitute major things like owning your own apartment, or a car your parents didn’t pay for, but it’s the little things, right?



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