Unwanted ___ shot


So that happened.

And while I stand by the fact that I’ve seen a lot of penises, and shoved catheters in them, getting a picture of someone’s genitals, elicited a ‘really, person? really?’ response from me.

As a female in this century, I am not surprised that I got dick pic. I got texts for a few days in a row from some random guy last year insisting that I ‘speak to him just because’, so this year, I’ve been upgraded to a visual harassment. I’ve ‘levelled up’ in the worst way possible.

Tonnes of women are sexually harassed on a daily basis be it in person, via social media, or any form of communication. Anna Akana made a whole video about it. I don’t know if anyone could possibly want a picture of an erect penis? What does the person sending it, think I will say?

I don’t know if anyone could possibly want a picture of an erect penis? What did the person sending it, expect from me?

An equally ‘in your face’ picture of my vagina? Do they want a ‘thank you’? Do they require some validation of their junk? Am I suppose to be so thrilled by a picture of his privates that I would call him?

Or is it the thrill of simply shocking a person? Do people get off on causing revulsion in other people? The same way the flasher that ‘dropped trou’ in front of my mom a few years ago laughed when my mom gasped in surprise, I’m guessing people who send unwanted dick pics find it humorous. Or possibly even empowering for them. The same ways rapists often start out as arsonists. It’s the power trip of being able to violate someone.

I dare you to defend someone who sends a picture of their privates to a stranger who did not ask for it. If anyone can tell me the logic behind this decision, do tell! I’m dying to know.

I am so tempted to send back ‘lol’ or ‘is that it?’ or ‘k’  (suggested by Rae) but I don’t want to continue this conversation with this person. As a rapist of my phone (because I have a penis where I don’t want it), he does not deserve a direct reply from me.


Dear 016 8720349, I didn’t like that picture. No one’s penis is worth photographing, in my opinion, and there will never be a day that I’d want a picture of a penis on my phone. Unless you’re a cadaver and you’re willing to let me slice up your ‘parts’ for a lesson in ‘real’ anatomy, I am not interested.

And honestly, I doubt you will find a single female (or male! for that matter) who is.



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