Dear reader,

I don’t have any wisdom to impart, I only know what a new year can potentially bring. So, here’s what I wish for you in 2016:

  • That waking up in the morning is not a chore
  • That you never forget your keys
  • That you know when to pick a fight
  • That you know how to lose graciously
  • That every day you need to go out is a good hair day
  • That you never forget to charge your phone
  • That the pimples that form, heal well
  • That you never forget an umbrella for the days you’ll need it
  • That you remember to hug your parents when you next see them
  • That you never get lipstick on your teeth
  • That your eye liner be on point
  • That you learn to cry when you need to but remain composed in a tough situation
  • That you be open to love but be wise with your heart
  • That you don’t let your anger rule your mind and most of all, your mouth

Maybe this list is more for me, but I do wish this for all of you. Happy 2016, my lovelies. xx



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