2016 things

I was talking to Rae a while ago and she asked if I had any New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have ‘resolutions’ per se, but I have ‘2016 Things’ as I like to call them. These ‘things’ are certain tasks or habits I’d like to cultivate in 2016, but I don’t want to have the weight of a ‘resolution’ on them.


Resolutions are too finite, in a way. Calling them ‘things’ eases the pressure a little, making them ‘activities’ that I’d like to accomplish, but I will not beat myself about if I should fail.

Only use my laptop at a table (at least most of the time)
This may seem odd, but I have a habit of using my laptop in bed. I tend to place it at strange angles, and that’s likely the reason the bottom shell casing has cracked in those ‘grippy’ parts (though to explain). I may get a new shell casing because really, I am more likely to scratch it without one, and I intend to make sure this one lasts properly without those grippy parts cracking again.

Segway, this was such a good read about notebook care, and this for phone care. Because I am so paranoid about screwing up the battery life, I’m actually going to follow the advice. Who knew letting your battery completely drain was a bad thing? I didn’t!

Making my bed in the morning
It’s a terrible habit that I have not gotten over. I tend to ‘not’ make my bed. It lays in this jumble of a crumpled blanket/duvet and half the time, I pile more stuff on it, so things get lost. Not good when you’re in a rush.

Not blogging daily
I don’t think 2016 will be a time that will allow for regular blogging. It’s a transition year into becoming an intern, so I am highly likely to be occupied most of the time. And so, I am relinquishing the idea that this blog will stay very active. I am dropping the pressure on myself to write regularly. I will write when I can, I will write when I want to.

Keeping track of my spending
I have not done this well in the past two years of living ‘away’ from my family. I have a proper book now, to keep track of finances. While I do have my agenda to write things down, I think keeping a separate book just for financial matters would be more efficient. It would be a clear way to actually keep track of how much I am wasting instead of this crushing guilt that hits me from time to time.

Saying a prayer every morning 
My prayer life is important to me, but unfortunately, it has clearly suffered. I don’t know why but the only times I actually talk to God are when I need something or Sunday mass. It’s not who I want to be, it’s not what I thought I’d be doing at this age. I need to learn how to pray again. I am not making myself to a daily rosary, though of course, I would like to work up to that. Thank goodness for technology and good apps that have proper prayers for mornings. Maybe just the Serenity Prayer would be a good start.

10 minutes (at least) of exercise on a daily basis
I often fall into the trap of ‘I need to do 30 minutes of cardio, 10 mins of strength training, etc etc’ for me to believe that I have worked out enough. That just leads me to feel depressed because I rarely can keep up with that. I need to set a realistic goal, and for me, ten minutes a day is something simple that I can build on.

Keep a food diary
I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think I should keep track of what I eat. I’m terrible at stuffing my face and not actually monitoring what goes in. I don’t get enough of the ‘right nutrients’ although I actually know what they should be. I’m not looking at it from a negative perspective, more of a ‘have I eaten enough fiber/gotten enough vitamins/protein’ point of view.

So yes, things, not resolutions. And somehow, that’s going to help.

Also, this poem:


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