Christmas Round-up

Family and Christmas is always this whirlwind of exhaustion because I never feel quite know where I belong. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love my family but once the extended family is gathered (and with Filipino families, the extension is A LOT) I don’t know who’s who and where I should sit. So I resign myself to being the errand girl who helps to clean and spends time with the children. At least, they make simple conversation that does not need years and years of inside jokes to understand.

I grew up mostly away from my extended family (cousins of my mother that is) because we didn’t stay in the same state and family tensions. Even with going back for every other Christmas has not quite made me a ‘part’ of it because really, there is so much history between everyone that it’s hard to settle.

But yes, it is far easier to sit with the little ones because they only know how to make friends and play with toys, both of which I can still do.

Christmas is tiring and filled with obligations. But family first, and all that.



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