How do you say goodbye?

I’ve been thinking a lot about endings lately. It can’t be helped because 2015 is ending, and lots of other things have reached their expiration date around me.

Almost two weeks ago, a friend told me her relationship was coming to a close. A few days ago, another friend lost her cat. Shows that I adore are ending permanently, and in a way, 2016 marks the start of my journey into working life.

Endings come too fast sometimes.

How do you deal with the conclusion to things? I, for one, don’t quite like things to finish. I know it’s part of life, but I’m not the type to let go easily. I pick at the scab on my heart, letting it bleed anew. I don’t like it when school is over, I don’t like it when my favourite fictional people finally go away, I don’t like leaving places I have grown attached to.

I still think about friendships that have ended a long time ago, I think about the ‘might have been’s’. I think about the pets I have lost, heck I still cry over them. I think about the people I have had to say goodbye to, be it because they have physically left this planet, or because they chose to exit ‘stage left’ out of my life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.58.39 PM

I am not good at goodbyes. I don’t like them and I doubt I ever will. But I try to keep in mind that sometimes a ‘goodbye’ is the only way forward. Sometimes, the only way for something new to start, is for something else to end, as the saying goes.

Still, it’s never easy. Not for me, at least.


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