so, good news?

It is 3am in the morning. And believe me, it took a good while even falling asleep. But I passed. I passed.


Someone in my group chat checked the results page at midnight. And since I got up at this ungodly hour, I checked.

And yes, I passed.

And since Year 4 is our last ‘exam’ year (at least exams that count for anything), I’m basically an ‘almost doctor’. Just the formality of graduating next year and sitting for the Malaysian board exams stand in my way.

I’m a doctor.


Oddly enough, why does my brain insist on still being freaked out?

Me: I passed, it’s all good.

Brain: tumblr_nwv82uhewq1urx0xwo4_250

I don’t know if I can fall back to sleep. I don’t quite know what to do right now. It is 3am, my heart is still racing, and I kinda wish I wrote that ‘I’M A DOCTOR’ post now.

Anxiety, you are a cruel Master.

I shall have a more coherent post published at my usual time tonight. I think I’m still processing this.




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