A few days ago I wrote a rant here and I was very tempted to post it. I was very bored that evening being stuck in JB and I went through my December posts from last year, so emotions were running high because I was taking a trip down memory lane about the ‘good times’.

I still have that post in my drafts. But I highly doubt I will ever click PUBLISH.

I wrote it in a vulnerable state of mind. While it’s not harsh, it’s just very sad, very mopey.  And we all know I am very good at writing things like that, and it looks very much like self-pity. And you’d all be thinking:


I am TRYING to not be mopey. It is a 2016 resolution to not be so bitter, but I revert to that automatic setting. But at least, I have the self-awareness now to not broadcast that as much.

Unlike this post.. which is, in its own way, a bitter one. Hrm. Maybe I went about this all wrong.

The point I am trying to make is that sometimes you need to write something or do something to get an emotion out of your system, but you don’t always have to do it very publically. Based on previous experience, most of it can come back to bite you.

Unless you are truly sure that posting something volatile will not be something you’d cringe at in years to come, don’t do it. Just get it out on a piece of paper, or in the sand, or clean. ANYTHING else but exploding on social media or any public forum.

I don’t even know what this post is supposed to be about anymore.



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