day 1 being back

Today was shit.

I am not going to lie because it’s true. I got back yesterday about 8.35ish at night, went for dinner, came back at 10.30 ish, went to bed by 11.30ish. I was exhausted; moving things up to the penthouse, moving my friend’s stuff up to the penthouse, not sleeping well the night before… I was really, really ‘out’ of it by 1pm yesterday. But I was in the car with my friend’s parents so I had to make conversation the whole 4 hours we were on the road.

My eyes could barely remain open by the time it was dinner.

And today, my mom kindly woke me up at 6am because she thought she was being nice by making breakfast for me. And Lord love her, she was truly doing it because she wanted to make sure I was fed before she left for work. But it was the worst possible thing to do when my eyes could barely open. I didn’t lose my temper. Hurting my mom in the morning was the last thing I wanted to do.

I had breakfast and ‘woke up’, waved them off, then figured out how my Christmas present for my parents was going to work. I spent a good 4 hours working on scanning old photos, editing them and checking every soft copy of digital photos I had to upload to the Social Prints site for the poster I ordered.

The process was tedious but I think part of it was due to the amount of work I was putting my laptop through. The site ended up hanging quite a bit but I managed to place my order by almost 12pm.

Then I went out to run the errands my mom and brother needed me to do. Post office, then another post office, before getting some groceries for dinner. I also have bills to pay but honestly, after what I went through to get the first few things done, I told myself if I could not find a parking space for the bills, I’d do it tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time today in parking lots trying to look for a spot. And stuck in traffic in the rain. I was quite annoyed by the time I got the groceries, so I got myself a drink, that I had to spill on myself in the car.

Like I said, it wasn’t a great day.

I just finished typing in 40 papers of data and now I’m going to prep for dinner.

Yay, I’m home.


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