ho ho ho


I enjoy giving presents. That’s a ‘thing’ for me, the whole concept of ‘giving’ people something they’d like. I do my best to get something that’s either useful or meaningful for that person. It’s much easier if you know the recipient well, and those tend to be my best gifts.

Christmas is more or less four weeks away, and I’m in the midst of figuring out the right gifts for people. I bought my brother’s present already, and fingers crossed, it will arrive in the mail before the 23rd (because I’m going to my mom’s hometown for Christmas). He’s the easiest to shop for.

My father has always been the toughest one to buy presents for. If I had enough money, the best gift for him would be retirement but that’s not quite possible. It is likely that I’ll get him some CDs for him to play in the car because honestly, he has been replaying the same ones we’ve gotten him again and again. I have listened to the same songs from ABBA and The Four Seasons this whole year.

My mom, on the other hand, can be a little harder because she likes functional things. One year we actually bought her a label maker because she wanted one. and she was plenty happy with it. Last year I got her a pig figurine because she likes pigs. I am debating between getting some form of kitchen appliance or my more ideal choice if I am very lucky and able to go home in time to make this, a picture-poster from Social Print. It would be pictures from her and my dad’s younger days and family pictures. Fingers crossed that I can somehow magic that into being.

I find that giving presents has become one of my major expenditures every year. I go all out if I can, and if I find something I truly believe that person would like. I need to keep a jar of cash or make a mental note to set aside money so the pinch isn’t too terrible.

If I only had the creativity and the tools to make proper handcrafted gifts, I would. But limited resources has prevented that.

I know, I get a bit gift crazy. It’s a competition with myself, I always try to outdo ‘last-year-me’.

I cannot wait to leave JB so I can go home and get everything sorted. Being away when I have things I’d rather do is just making me antsy.



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