It’s Friyay

What’s up, lovely people?

I write this from my bed, propped up against the wall with a stack of papers beside me. Data entry is not fun. After a while, all the numbers blend together.

I got my keys for the weekend so I can move some things to my room in the penthouse for next year. Yes, the PENTHOUSE, like it’s something huge. It’s expensive yes, but I’m only staying for 6 weeks, so it’s not too painful. My room is big and I think I may take some photos and post them here in the near future. I have only moved my ironing board and iron up so far. The kitchen utensils will go up accordingly once I’m done using them on Sunday or Monday.

My housemate/groupmate in this research project is coming down tomorrow night, and her family the next day so, I’ll be following them back up to Selangor on Monday. I better be done with the data collection by then. I like this whole ‘living alone’ situation, but still, I am quite ‘done’ with being here.

I got Mindy Kaling’s new book (finally) in the mail. If you remember correctly, I adore Mindy Kaling. Her first book was so charming, I had to get this one. I had been waiting for MPHOnline to have it in stock because getting it from BookDepository would mean I cannot track it and that shipping would be very unpredictable.

I am trying not to touch it because I intend to read it on the drive up on Monday.


I cannot wait to get out of here. Am I terrible person for saying so? haha


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