I’m supposed to write about movies that I can rewatch again and again, but I have already done that, twice. So, I’m doing the next thing on the list:


This was supposed to be a list of ten things, but I had extra space in the graphic, haha. I think they’re pretty obvious and self explanatory. I took this topic as a ‘what important things do you need to travel with’ instead of ‘what are essential to your life’ because that would be a list including the usual things like ‘family, friends, food, water, proper plumbing, medication’.

If anyone needs clarification on anything in that list, do let me know.

Also, can you believe today is the last day of November? Crazy how time passes.

This has been part of the #paperlovestory30days meme created by Amanda from PaperLoveStory

2 thoughts on “Essentials

  1. I’m on the hunt for non-greasy, non-sunblock-smelling sunblock (ha), which one do you use? I’ve heard good things about Sunplay’s sunscreen, and I currently use spray-on Banana Boat sunblock in Aussie. Too scared to try out other brands bc I’m 90% sure they’ll disappoint!


    1. Ah non-sunblock smelling sunblock is tough. You can try the skin-care brand ones but I actually use the sunblock-smelling types, maybe because in my head, that’s the way I know it’s actually doing it’s job. haha.

      stick with the spray-on one if it works for you. No need to change!

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