I scare easy. There was this time when I watched the 6th Harry Potter movie with my friends and even though I knew the Inferi were coming out of the water at that point, I still yelped. I’m pathetic that way.

I don’t jump at sudden noises. I think what limited primal instinct still remains helps with that. I don’t fear zombies or a zombies apocalypse because I can wrap my mind around the concept of a zombie, and let’s face it, in an apocalyptic situation, I’m going to volunteer to be bitter straightaway. Why put off the inevitable?

But what I have been equipped with is a fantastic imagination that blows everything out of proportion. So, here is a list of things that scare me (I’ve taken out more serious things like rape, murder, kidnapping, losing people I love. These are more ‘irrational’ type things)

  1. Things that are placed on the edge of surfaces
    I get super uncomfortable when I look at things that are placed ‘just so’. It bugs me. I have to reach over and move that object closer to the center of the table. If I can’t, I want to peel my face off. I kid you not.
  2. Mermaids, large sea creatures, the sea in general.
    Based on the wonders of Google, I have diagnosed myself with thalassophobia. Whether or not I genuinely have a phobia is a whole other matter, but I honestly do fear the ocean. I had a nightmare once about being in a restaurant over the sea, where the floor was transparent and I could see animals swimming underneath. I woke up terrified. And yes, I cannot watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides without being scared to go swimming again.
  3. Reptiles + Amphibians
    Kinda irrational, kinda not. I cannot bear them. They’re cold, they’re sticky, they stare at you. You will never find me being friends with a lizard. Nor will you ever find me in the reptiles section of a zoo.
  4. Twisting my ankle when I’m wearing something remotely high-heeled
    This isn’t so irrational but even if the heel barely an inch high, I get paranoid. I twisted the same ankle in the span of 30 mins once, and I never wore those shoes again. It was bad and very, very painful.
  5. Being locked at home without a key
    This has never happened to me, but I get slightly panicked if I’m at home and I cannot locate a key. I don’t like the feeling of being trapped somewhere. I need to know that I can leave if I want to.. though that is hardly ever the reality.

There, five irrational fears for you to use against me. I hope you enjoyed that 😂

This has been part of the #paperlovestory30days meme created by Amanda from PaperLoveStory




2 thoughts on “Boo

  1. Oh my GOSH I remember that first fear of yours!!!!! I think one time in school I saw you push something (a bottle/book maybe) away from the edge of a table and you told me about this fear. XD

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    1. I do that all the time. I think it’s something people who spend enough time around me would notice. I am compelled to fix it, I really cannot help it. It’s become a reflex!

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