My Favorite Memories

Memories are something I’m good at. I have relatively good memory for ‘life events’. My earliest is being about two or three years old. Yes, my brain can go that far back.

I’m suppose to write about my favorite memories here, which is difficult. So maybe, I’ll list some of them and see what I can expand on.

Finding a dead hummingbird in school when I was nine years old. By know you probably realize that I’m a little weird that way, but finding a dead bird was highly exciting. I showed my friends, and we decided to bury it. And then I pretended to be a news reporter and did a whole piece (with a pretend film crew) about the death of the humming bird.

Yes, I was that kid.

Being told I could actually sing by my opera tutor when I was 13. I had always loved singing, and my then piano teacher recommended I go for classes because she caught me singing in the hallway at the music school. When I was ‘auditioned’ to join his classes, I remember having to choose a track from his karaoke machine and picking ‘Top of the World’. My mom was so nervous and I was terrified. My tutor modulated the key, just to see if I could keep up, and then when the song was done he turned to my mom and said, ‘you’ve got a gifted daughter. she can really sing.’ Just thinking of that makes me smile. I wish I could have continued classes but my tutor moved away and ‘real exams’ were looming. I can still do opera if I tried. I learned Italian pronunciation quite well.

Being published. I wrote an article about Glee that actually got published in a literary magazine for teens. I am still proud of it, despite how much my opinion of Glee has changed.

Performing on stage. Godspell and The Witness, and everything else in between. I love the stage, it’s an amazing adrenaline rush being up there.

World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008. Nothing can truly explain the wonder and beauty of being surrounded by people who were equally on fire for their faith. It’s the most alive I have ever felt, I think.

That one day of school where 80% of the students were at Sports Day rehearsals and the rest of us could do whatever we wanted. I think back on that day in Form 2 when my two best friends and I did nothing but hang out in the library, eat ice cream and climb those tiny little hills at the back of the school. It has to be the most carefree time I have ever experienced in secondary school, or school life in general. If I could go back and have that day again, I would.

So yes, those are the memories I’m choosing to share this time. Do you have anything similar in mind, or would you choose other more significant moments?

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This has been part of the #paperlovestory30days meme created by Amanda from PaperLoveStory.


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