at Starbucks again

Okay, so clearly I have not been blogging for a while because WordPress has changed it’s layout a little. It’s just looking ‘off’ to me.

I’m at Starbucks again, but this time, I’m in the one in JB. Specifically, the one in Bukit Indah in JB. Yes, Bukit Indah is nowhere close to where I stay but my housemate wanted to get a haircut in this specific mall, and I tagged along because he wanted someone to accompany him on the drive.

I thought sitting here would be a better decision than wandering around. It has been a while, dear reader, and I think I shall catch you up.

My 5 days of exams has just finished today and it has been a whirlwind of sorts. I am tired, I am overly emotional, and I want to go home. I am leaving for home tomorrow morning, but I will be back next week (or maybe the week after) because I need to start handing out my research project’s survey forms. I have so much resentment built up about that because 1. I do not care for this research topic, 2. It’s going to take forever, and 3. This is not close to what I signed up for, at all. Instead of having time to myself, I’m stuck with something I’m not interested in and I have to be away from home for it. It wouldn’t be as annoying if I could do this in Subang, even though I am not interested in the topic, I could easily bear it because I would be home. But no, I will be in JB, alone in that apartment doing this project.


I was a mess last night because of it. I was supposed to start it this coming Sunday but I genuinely couldn’t. I had to step out of the situation and say ‘no. I need time off.’ This whole year has been exhausting both mentally and physically, and I needed to go home, and out of that apartment to be ‘out’ of it. I don’t know if that would make sense to anyone but it’s what I needed to do.

So yes, 6 days at home then back to JB. I shall learn to live with that. Does anyone want to come live with me for a few weeks after that? Free boarding guys. haha

The exams were.. so-so. I was not prepared for some of the OSCE stations that came out. Meniere’s Disease and SUFE… REALLY? REALLY? Those are classic EMQ questions and yet we were asked about it in the ‘practical’ exam. I did not see it coming at all, and thankfully, most of us were blanking on those stations. As terrible as that sounds, the more similar we all are, the better because that means the ‘pass-fail’ graph doesn’t shift much.

The EMQ papers weren’t great either. Some questions were straightforward but a whole bunch were very confusing. It’s annoying home similar answers can be to each other, so you’re never really sure which the right choice is.

But it’s all over, thank goodness. I am glad it’s over. Now it is just the wait to see if I get called for ‘additional papers’. I truly, truly don’t want that. I cannot deal with going through this all over again. I just need a clear, safe pass. I cannot deal with doing Year 4 one more time. It would be too much.

So yes, those are the major things that have happened in the last two weeks. Sure, there are other things I could talk about but for now, this should be enough.

I shall continue the 30 Days meme soon enough, I’ll pick up where I left off.

Exams are over and I’m technically ‘free’ but not quite. No wonder I still feel that clammy hand around my heart.





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