Five Guilty Pleasures

While I’m familiar with the concept of ‘guilty pleasures’, I had to double check.

Here’s what Google coughed up for me:Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.59.17 PM

A movie, a television program, a piece of music. Hrm. This is not easy, at all. 


This used to be great. Then it tanked. But I am faithful to Rachel Berry, and I needed to see my girl succeed. This show got things right, it got things wrong, too, I’ll admit that. Yet, in the end, this show taught us to dream and the power of community.

Stalking people on Instagram on Facebook

It’s a terrible habit I have, especially when all it does is make me feel worse about myself. Be it an ex-school mate, someone I’m infinitely jealous of, or an inappropriate crush; stalking just makes me sad. But sometimes, I just want to wallow in misery, you know?

The little soaps from hotels

I can’t be the only one who collects those. I barely use them, heck, I never use them. But I must hoard everything that’s there for my use when I stay in a hotel.

Reality TV Shows

I think I actually wrote about how I binged on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette during one ‘summer break’. It’s usually because there’s nothing else to do, so I plop on the couch to watch stupid behaviour on TV. I don’t buy into the whole ‘romance’ of the thing; I consider it an anthropological observation while acknowledging that everything shown is simply cleverly edited rubbish. This used to be a big thing for me, but not so much anymore. Now it’s more TLC-type Reality TV Shows, be it about renovating a home or cooking, that has me written all over it.

Hallmark movies

Yes. I am that girl who spends her time watching Hallmark movies because I like that ridiculous, warm, fuzzy feeling they give you. I fully acknowledge how silly that behaviour is, but it’s nice to watch something extremely cheesy and almost predictable for fun. And honestly, not all of them are bad.

How about YOU tell me what are your five guilty pleasures? It’s not that easy to come up with. 😂


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