Weekly Round-up #8 with a little throwback

The following three photos were taken a few weeks ago when I went back for the four-day weekend. Food and coffee at Frisky Goat, with my parents and brother. I had these pictures in my camera and there wasn’t any reason not to post them now, so there.

On a sidenote, I was pretty disappointed that they changed the wilted spinach to corn on the menu. I don’t like corn, and the spinach added to the taste.
6 5 4

These next three photos are from today. My Snap Story was basically me rearranging the way my whole room looks, and that includes taking down my Cards+Postcard wall to create a Postcards Only trail. That was mostly because the cards were too heavy to be stuck up there with sticky tack (they keep falling and scaring me). Also, I think the trail makes it look different from having a statement wall.

Yes, I am aware that I only have a few more weeks here, but I get bored easily okay?

Also, I got a copy of Kinfolk Magazine’s 16th Issue, the same one I saw in that cafe last week. The 17th one is out, but I wanted to read this one, so I bought it. It has a crisp layout and nice articles. Nice, easy reading to take your mind off things.

3 2 1

This week has been busy and tiring as always. Nothing too new to note. Just trudging along till the exams pop by. ugh.

Quick links that interested me this week:

The story of Peter Norman. I thought it was a nice tribute, and a tale not many of us would have heard about.

The Noble Prize went to this woman (I’m all for women in science!) for finding a new cure for malaria.

Emma Watson’s reply to a question about her being a ‘white feminist’.

This BuzzFeed post about Mental Illness vs Physical Illness.

And finally, you have to see Tom Hiddleston’s interview on Graham Norton. He goes all fanboy-mode on Robert DeNiro (no, seriously, watch that clip all the way to the end. It’s adorable) and does a spot on impression of Graham himself.

Anyway, have a great week ahead, lovelies! See you next Sunday. xx

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