I did not forget about putting up a review for last week, I actually drafted it on my laptop. But Sunday night was crazy hectic with my flight being delayed, and then the past few days have been equally packed. I’m at that point where all I want, and need to do is sleep.

The past few nights have been dedicated to an elective application, which I’m terrified to talk about lest I jinx it. It’s very likely that I won’t get it, but I’m just trying to keep a positive mind about this. It took a lot out of me to apply, so I’m praying that it works out, cause it would be amazing.

I am currently at the school library attempting to get some work done or at least figure out a few things while I wait for a group study-practice thing. I know if I had gone home, I’d be more overwhelmed by the state of my room (which I intend to deal with when I get back later this evening) and end up not revising anything. Being outside my room will help with the focus. Or at least get me to not sleep and laze about.

I have 4 more week of this rotation, and 5 weeks to my exams.

I am not ready.


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