How many of you keep a written journal?

I have shown my older ones in this video, ones that I kept from ages 14 to 19. Those books are filled with the worst and best of me. I have rants, I have tears, I have scraps of plane tickets, movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, all sorts of exam results and notes that I have written to myself. If anyone ever stole those books, it would be THE WORST.


The last time I went back and read them, I was actually surprised at how truly therapeutic they were. I know keeping an online journal is something I have done longer, but there are somethings you cannot type for the world to see. I have made that mistake a few times, which have led to crappy real-life situations.

After much consideration, I have decided to revisit the idea of hard-copy journaling. I think it will do me some good to keep things to myself (instead of boring the world with my issues), while being able to get it all out. I know that in a year’s time, or so, I can look back at it and see how much I have grown in the time between.

What do you think? Is journaling on paper something you’d do, or is it too much of a chore?


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