Weekly Round-up #5

Life got in the way, so again, this is going up on a Monday.

I had a relatively ‘meh’ week as represented by my Friday post. But here’s a picture round-up because I can.

The next two photos has been my breakfast for the whole of last week. It’s chia seed pudding (minus the vanilla extract because I forgot to bring vanilla extract, and I tend to use too much, which isn’t good) and a persimmon.
1 2

These photos are of how I’ve been using the Iconic Half Planner for the past two weeks. And yes, the amount of stickers used can look excessive but I need it to look happy. It’s great that it’s pocket sized, so it’s easy to carry around. Really enjoying using it so far.
3 4 5

Week 2 in paediatrics today, and I clerked my first patient. Well, that involved speaking to the parent and not the child, because the kid was 7 months old. It wasn’t too bad, thankfully. My week is pretty packed with a major presentation next week to prepare for and some other nonsense with the research project. Yay for this Wednesday being a public holiday.

I hope you all have a lovely week! xx


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