on Prom night

Today is MedBall/ Prom, and I am in the apartment alone. My housemates just left about half an hour ago. It’s quiet.

No, no, I’m not upset that I’m not going. I didn’t actually want to. But a mixture of a spike of hormones and generally, my own low self esteem has led me to feel crappy about myself.

All this week, I have been between this:

and this:

It’s rather pathetic that I spiral into this nonsense repeatedly. The usual ‘I could have’s – ‘I should have’s are running through my mind leaving me in that position where you don’t want to do anything but be sad, and wallow in it.

I’m saving all that grief and anger for my physical diary because this blog has too much sad. So instead, here are nice things to look at:

This video from Lonestar Southern 

Mindy Kaling’s brilliant way to advertise her new book

The commencement speech Shonda Rhimes gave at Dartmouth a while back

The intro for Netflix’s upcoming premier for Jessica Jones- graphics are amazing, just like the Daredevil one

and this nice article from Verily Magazine about self-acceptance.

My weekly round-up will be posted on Sunday. I just needed to write something for now.


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